PUBG Mobile 🏴‍☠️ Payload+War Mode New Surprise for us!

About PUBG Mobile Payload+War Mode

As you know about the PUBG Mobile latest update version 16.0 brought Payload Mode in Season 10. Similarly, a few days ago one new Mode has been unlocked named PUBG Mobile Payload+War Mode. In this mode total, 20 Players will be sent in a mini-map from top 3 Maps of PUBG Mobile as given below:

Maps in Payload+War Mode:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok

If you don’t have downloaded any other map downloaded then you will be able to play only the one Erangel map. You can play in Squad, Duo or solo, but the total member limit is 20 only. All players get a chance to kill their enemy and revive the teammate please check the point table given below. To win you need to reach the number one.

This Payload+War Mode is a combination of Payload Mode and War Mode (Arcade) or let’s say weapons of Payload Mode and Maps from War-Mode. Here in this mode, you will get a chance to kill your enemy and if you get killed you will get respawn up to unlimited times. The winner will be decided according to the scoreboard.

Point Table in Payload+War Mode
Point Table in Payload+War Mode

Score Board for Payload+War Mode:

Kill Enemy+3
Revive Teammate+1

Types of Weapons in this mode:

This mode will have grenade and missile launcher weapons from Payload Mode. The list of some weapons that I have used is given below.

  • Rocket Launcher in Air Drops
  • MGL – Grenade Launcher
  • M79 Swaed-off
  • M79

You will get Respawn with these weapons each time you get killed. Score as more points as possible to reach the #1 and win chicken Dinner.

Tip: You can not use this Payload+War Mode to complete your Royale Pass Missions.

Tips to Win Payload+War Mode:

Before we start with the tips lets know how to start this mode?

  • Go to the PUBG Mobile Maps
  • Select Evo-Ground Mode
  • Search for Payload+War Mode in Evo-Ground Mode
  • Select the Player mode as Solo, Duo or Squad and Click Ok
  • Then click on the Start Button to start Matching.
How to Play Payload+War Mode
How to Play Payload+War Mode

This Mode is quite similar to Arcade War Mode, in this game you just get some different weapons. When I played in this mode I realized that close combat is difficult as the grenade guns also damage our team. But If you play together as a squad and help each other with having a cover in the minimap can help you to kill more enemies and you can give revive to your teammate easily.

Here How we played one match in Payload+War Mode:

  • We landed in a corner place with some cover of rocks and trees to hide.
  • Later we are quite away from each other that one Grenade will not affect us at one time.
  • Whenever one teammate gets knockout we killed the enemy first and then one friend will go to revive and the other will guard them.

Have a Look on Random Gameplay from YouTube: