Minecraft is Shutting Down 🤔 – Perfect answer for you?

Big Boom today – Minecraft is Shutting Down:

Fake news comes and goes – what remains is the confused audience. Hello, friends welcome back and today’s topic is to check whether Minecraft is shutting Down or not. Before we start this discussion let me know in the comment box “do you that Minecraft should shut down?” You can comment and share your opinion.

Well after confirmation from social media and reading some of the articles published and found on “Google Search” it is confirmed that Minecraft is shutting down this news is fake. Most of the articles are just published to make Minecraft Audience worrying and share this fear to get more traffic.

Here are some possibilities for this Minecraft is Shutting Down Rumor:

  • To spread the name of this game with more Audience. (Publicity Stunt.)
  • To get blog traffic and earn money.
  • Just for Entertainment – like April Fool.
  • Misleading information provided to some bloggers or by some bloggers.
  • Intentional or unintentional pulling traffic by spreading fear in the Audience.

There may be many more possibilities out there, if you can find one please let me know in the comment box. we can share this possibility info on social media to spread awareness.

What Rumors are out there:

Currently, some news blogs and gaming communities are filled with questions/queries and suggestion over Minecraft is shutting down. But this can happen with any game, for example in case with PUBG Mobile; many rumors are still on Google search and social media as follow:

  • PUBG Mobile is Shutting Down
  • PUBG Mobile banned in XYZ country
  • PUBG Mobile Server Hacked

This can also happen with any game whatever it may be: PUBG Mobile or Minecraft. Even the same thing can be done with our social life that may lead to riots in the country.

How to confirm Minecraft Fake News:

Not just Minecraft you can use these steps for any game. If you think there is any kind of bad news about any mobile game just head to the social media accounts (official Game accounts) and check their updates.

Official Minecraft FacebookMinecraft Reddit

Even if you are not satisfied and want to confirm follow top gamers in that game nice; For such gamers game is their profession and life too. They will let you know on their social handles if they’re any good or bad news about that game.

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