PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Update – 0.18 Update

Finally, the PUBG Mobile 0.18 Update released. Some Major attractions are PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar, Sandstorm, Golden Mirado, Race Track, Win94 with a scope, and new Place Oasis.

The new place has been added named Oasis in Miramar 2.0 and the Ruins has moved to Northwest as Urben Ruins in Mad Miramar.

Along with this Mad Miramar PUBG Mobiel also added the Cheers Park with Training Mode. You can explore your skills play some games, and sit on the chair to make new friends.

The PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar includes:

The PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar and Miramar 2.0 are same, you will find the following improvements in the Mad Miramar Map:

  • Added New City Oasis
  • Ruins moved to Northwest
  • Added Golden Mirado (only 1 )
  • Energy Drink Vending Machine
  • Added Sandstorm
  • Added Race Track
  • the Win94 come with an attached scope

Mad Miramar, Vending machine, Race Track, Golden Mirado, Win94 with scope

The New City Oasis:

This is a mystery nobody knows from where this city came from, But you can explore the secrets and enjoy the new city by landing in this area. You can find the Oasis in Northern part of the map (left top)

The Urban Ruins:

The Urban Ruins is a new city that is found on the Northwest side of New Maramar Map. It is predicted that it was buried under the sand and SandStorm made it visible to us now.

The Golden Mirado:

One and only Golden Mirado is now available in the new Miramar Map from this update. But you can find only one Golden Mirado on the whole map. The lucky team will get it but who knows how lucky they will be after getting it.

Added Vending Machine:

Similar to the PUBG PC game, Now this PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Updated Map will have the Energy Drink Vending Machine. You just have to insert a coin and if you are lucky then you can get 5 to 5 Drinks at a time.

The SandStorm is Coming:

The most attractive part of PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar is available now, Now you have to face the Sandstorm along with the safe zone. Find the way through Sandstorm and survive till the last for chicken dinner.

Mad Miramar Outlast The Sandstorm

Added Race Track:

Added some fun parts to enhance your driving skills in the new Miramar. You will find a new Race Track in PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map. Let’s see who can drift well, take the challenge, and prove your driving skills.

I hope this will make Miramar more interesting and share some load from Erangel Map for the next 60 days.

With this, the Win 94 will also come with an attached scope like Vector Rifle. Now we have one more Sniper with scope, in the list.

The PUBG Mobile Update 0.18 only focuses on Mad Miramar so if you want to read some other small updates go read it here.

Watch these videos that will clear your questions about this new Miramar 2.0 Update visually. These videos are published on the PUBG Mobile official Youtube channel.

This following video will show you a Teaser of PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 Map Gameplay.

And this Following Vidoe will Explain the Mad Miramar in detail.

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