[Guide] PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode in S12

Many are saying that PUBG Mobile hardcore Mode is back in PUBG Mobile. I don’t know if there was a PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mod in older version if you know please comment the season so that I can check that out.

As in this Season, I have some guide points for playing the Hardcore Mode with effective nature and what does this Hardcore Mode take, so keep reading and get those tricks and hints in the Hardcore Mode of Season 12.

What is PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode?

The PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode is an Arcade Game Mode made the gameplay similar in the PC, that is disabled the features like

  • Sound
  • Visualization
  • Auto Pick-up

But not only this even when you land you will not land exactly on the same spot; rather you will get slide ahead due to the gravity force. This intense level of gaming really made the PUBG Mobile Gameplay Harder. Here you will feel like a survival game.

How to Play the Hardcore Mode?

This Hardcore Mod is available from PUBG Mobile Season 12 Update. You can Play only in Erangel Map by using this Hardcore Mode. to play follow this path and enjoy the gameplay in Solo, Duo or Squad.

Go to Arcade and select the very first Mode “Hardcore Mode

PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode Option in Game
PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode Option in Game

Gameplay and Tips to Play in Hardcore Mode:

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