PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Unlimited Fun 😍 Elements!!

PUBG Mobile is giving surprises one by one and this time and the big surprise is PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Festival that will be launched from 12th March to 14th April. During this time period, you can enjoy the Anniversary events and collect rewards.

What’s new on PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary?

  • Arcade Gaming
  • Amusement Park Fun
  • Recall Event
  • 2gether we play event
  • Discounts on store items

And first of all, let’s get started with the Retro Arcade Festival on PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary. then we will move on for Amusement Park Fun and more.

Retro Arcade Festival:

Event period: March 12th – March 31st

During the event period, find the arcade entrance in the lobby and in Classic mode. There are two games: Hunt Game and Space Wars.

Play the games with Arcade Coins when entered from the main lobby and Game Tokens when entered from a battle.

Arcade Coins can be obtained in the event center. Game Tokens can only be obtained in-battle and expire at the end of the match.


Playing a game costs 1 coin.

Points from playing can be used to draw random rewards (2000 points per draw).

In addition, the top-300 players will get various Premium Crate Lottery Coupons and Classic Crate Lottery Coupons depending on their ranking.

Rewards for Arcade Festival:

Possible rewards: Circus – M249 (permanent), Circus – P91 (permanent), Brawler Initiate cover (permanent), Brawler Initiate outfit (permanent).
Possible points ranking rewards: Premium Crate Lottery Coupons or Classic Crate Lottery Coupons.
Play arcade games in-battle to earn points and puzzle pieces. Collect all 10 puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle in the lobby and get an anniversary-exclusive title :2gether We Play.

On behalf of 2nd Anniversary and Royale Pass S12 PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary, all gifts will now attract more new players that will help us in Brothers in Arms event.

Never Ending Amusement Park Fun:

During the event, an Amusement Park will appear in Classic Mode battles. Here you can enjoy much more than just fighting with your enemies. I hope your enemy will also understand and enjoy with your 😃 Enjoy the following attractions:

Event period: March 12th to April 14th

Amusement Park Fun Never Ends
Amusement Park Fun Never Ends

The Arcade Gaming is part of Amusement Park which means you will find the Arcade gaming in Amusement park unlimited fun. And the Arcade games and Trampoline are such fun elements that will be available in Lobby of Classic BR Match while other fun elements like Shooting Range, Eating Cake, and Bungee jumping will be available to enjoy in-game

And last but not least talking about 2gether we play is a login event which will start on 12th March and end on 31st March. During this Login event, you just need to login daily to collect rewards as follows.

Collect 2gether we Play Rewards

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