PUBG Mobile Banning Hackers – PUBG Mobile Fair Play and Ban Notice

PUBG Mobile Banning Hackers:

Hi, guys if you are searching for PUBG Mobile hack then please don’t do that. Do not use Hacking because PUBG Mobile recently twitted the List of all hacker banned on 27th May 2019. If you use thack version then you might get caught into PUBG Mobile Banning Hackers list. If you have faced any hacker and reported him then you can check the name of that hacker has got banned or not.

And a New Update of 2 MB has been launched on 28th May 2019 for the same thing. If you and your teammate report a guy during a match then instant action is taken on that account.

If you are one of the hackers, then I will suggest you stay away from hacking and play the fair game. Because it is a battle royal and if you cheat then it means you don’t have guts to play. You simply afraid of losing. If you want to win then practice and play you will definitely win. And don’t worry about the winning enjoy being in the game and also keep Gaming Environment clean.

Why PUBG Mobile Banning Hackers:

As per today’s Tweet, we got to know that PUBG Mobile is keeping eye on PUBG Mobile Hackers. That is when any player report someone then the developers look into the player’s gameplay and then take this decision.

What happens when you use a hack? Game is for your entertainment and if you cheat in it then you spoil the Gameplay for others too. Think of you are playing and somebody spoiled your mood; it feels disgusting. And in this situation, if the Game owner cannot ban those Hackers then this is a big loss to the Owner. Because their fans will move to another gaming. And this is the big reason why PUBG Mobile Banning Hackers.

This is one of the big reason why PUBG Mobile Needs to ban hackers in the game. This is not possible to identify the hacker in the game. But if you find someone then you can help PUBG Mobile developers by Spectating the Player and Reporting his profile to PUBG Mobile developers by using the Report option.

PUBG Mobile Ban Hackers for 10 years:

List of some Players named is given below that are banned for next 10 years from playing PUBG Mobile. If you don’t find any name that you have reported, then comment in the post-PUBG Mobile has tweeted on Twitter

This is a partial list of players who have been banned for 10 years because of cheating:

Account          ID

5419082***   李艺璇***

5481121***   墨卿***

6437553***   фX・Mirac***

5312236***   城管执法***

5228513***   тѕ×cɦin***

5347274***   69๛SHA***

5395514***   BAR・Polar***

5477289***   可乐上分***

5419318***   CIGゞNIN***

5447268***   刘惜君的小***

5174656***   CaptainHi***

5446817***   嘤嘤少女***

5482712***   dodoMOHAM***

5477982***   Modeimin***

5453086***   城管执法***

5128424***   HandsomeD***

5478241***   Zeo1111222***

5478487***   0看g***

5479099***   Cosin***

5479415***   ihackuag***

5479933***   凉秋**

5290481***   ThuʛMʌs***

5345493***   Ernestofa***

5479767***   Faisal٠***

5478966***   NgocLan1***

5478161***   उ7ह2***

5477696***   ها**

5476557***   KZ***

5476557***   【PK؂KZB***

5250522***   3īMī***

5453970***   ‘ImUrDa***

5435010***   想上战神***

5478026***   Spamca***

5478408***   0xo***

5481073***   YAMRA***

5436092***   kjckuff***

5442413***   诛***

5447060***   legend***

5447060***   ekkxnx***

5434723***   《69》***

5439245***   Tenc***

5477274***   Carle***

5480067***   1vs***

5347214***   harshi***

5481734***   BanT***

5481849***   。djdj***

5411739***   RvL’Bod***

545813***     se***

5477385***   Tulu***

5478837***   elkais***

5452757***   Mue***

5478416***   余生***

5480654***   nono***

5481601***   Jungl***

5458219***   いつか***

5478850***   qquser***

5481868***   karthik***

5314163***   alis1***

5478108***   abine***

5478519***   Yamra***

5482549***   KillT***

5478480***   Koream***

5481379***   Jhony***

5450533***   ぬつす***

5465684***   七念***

5481066***   Cha***

5482610***   ght***

5476922***   yamar***

5478485***   Infini***

5482513***   Daeng***

5479736***   utrysd***

5481371***   chhcic***

5481685***   Ban***

5478154***   Hacker***

5460408***   nul***

5465783***   MARIO’B***

5477589***   彡JE***

5478765***   G亖A亖***

5479742***   Aakas***

5482807***   jdow***

5482844***   Noobotp***

5474935***   Wj***

5217019***   FIlhod***

5470330***   HeadSho***

5474400***   टोन***

5478674***   Aperema***

5471296***   ち01๛***

5476268***   XoO***

5480673***   DJXJS***

5471048***   hacke***

5482167***   SOSI4***

5473169***   丶10y***

5479168***   oskard***

5396951***   karanm***

5475798***   HARR***

5478426***   MeidyK***

5375800***   jay26***

5479064***   mskd***

5481394***   هاك***

5367411***   『WG』B*

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  1. Banning accounts is just stupid .. cuz u made it so easy to make another one .. hardware ban will make everyone really think before risking not playing the game again for at least a month or a year or so .. please consider

  2. There is no such portal where you can send this but yes you can make a snap and Post it on Social media by tagging the PUBG mobile page owner.
    Or simply Report the Player if you get killed by any hacker.

  3. PUBG’da Klasik Maç sırasında VPN gibi herhangi bir üçüncü taraf uygulamasını kullanmayın. Daha fazlası için onlarla iletişim kurun ve sorununuzu çözün
    English:- Do not use any third party application like VPN during Classic Match in PUBG. For More contact them and solve your issue

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