New PUBG Mobile Event – Find Godzilla Rare Ores and Get Exciting Gifts

Find Godzilla Rare Ores in PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is literally awesome in gifts giveaway. Whenever you get bored of something PUBG Mobile just launch something new like nobody does. Similarly, no this Godzilla Crossover with PUBG Mobile brought new Gifts Events. You need to find Godzilla Rare Ores and then exchange them with Gifts in the Event Section.

Till yesterday that was until 28th May 2019, you might have to exchange your Sandwiches with some RP points creates but now that Sandwiches are gone now and you need to find Rare Ores. PUBG Mobile Event Section given hint to find these Godzilla Rare Ores. They Said Something like – These Rare ores may have a connection with Investigation we did.

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How to Redeem These Godzilla Rare Ores?

This is still a Mistry that how to find these Rare Ores because I have tried to investigate we still get silver fragments. So I think we can get these Rare Ores while gaming Play as we got those Sandwiches.

King of the Monsters Squad Up
King of the Monsters Squad Up

You can Redeem these Godzilla Rare Ores by following Manners:

  1. Open Events Section in PUBG Mobile and click on King of the Monsters: Rare Ores
  2. Then you will see A Pan with Godzilla Stickers but I will suggest to Unlock the Another item before you unlock the pan Skin as this skin has time duration but if you unlock the Green Cards you can get epic Crates and if you unlock RP then your RP level get Increase.
  3. Now go to King of the Monsters: Clan Activity – Here you will 6 RP Points for 300 Clan Points and 2 Rare Ores for 1000 Clan Points
  4. Now go to Next Tab King of the Monsters: Squad Up – Here you will Get 7 RP Points on Completing 5 Matches with your Friends. And 3 Rare Ores on Completing 3 Matches with your Friends.
King of the Monsters Clan Activity
King of the Monsters Clan Activity

Want to See Real Godzilla in PUBG Mobile:

If you want to see the Real Godzilla in PUBG Mobile then you need to visit Spawn Island in Erangel and then you can see the Spine on Godzilla in Water. Then you can also hear his Sound if you are playing in Day night Mode then you need to visit the Bridge near to NOVO in Erangel then you can listen to the Godzilla Sound in PUBG Mobile at night

Real Godzilla in Erangle PUBG Mobile
Real Godzilla in Erangel PUBG Mobile

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