Hitman 2 Update

Hitman 2 Update 2.21 Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC) [SA Tracker and Event]

Hitman 2 Update – 2.21 Patch Note

Welcome to the Hitman 2 Update Patch 2.21. This Patch was Released on 30th of Jan 2019 and available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This Hitman 2 Update 2.21 The patch includes major Update for Ghost Mode and How Silent Assassin (SA) rating is achieved. This Update also includes: SA Tracker, Quality of Life Changes, Menu tweaks and Bug are fixed. Many of the Changes are included from the Reports generated by the players on the forum.

What does the Hitman 2 Update Hold inside?

  1. Ghost Mode Location: Santa Fortuna.
  2. Ghost Emotes
  3. Ghost Mode Items
  4. Silent Assassin Scoring Mode
  5. The Silent Assassin Tracker

Hitman 2 Update SA

Ghost Mode Emotes: in Hitman 2 Update

There are 4 new Ghost Mode emotes

How Gracious- For the Moment where Kiss speaks louder than words

Well Done- A slightly Ironic Clapping Gesture looking at the enemy

Evil Eye- Lets your Opponent understand that they are under severe Examination

Disbelief- Shake your head and show appreciation to your Opponent

Ghost Mode Items:

The Ghost Freeze Granade: This Slow down the opponent for a short time.

Ghost Outfit Manipulator: This will simultaneously change your and your opponent costumes to a random one.

The Ghost Flash Granade: This Will Blind the Opponent for a while and distract them.

Ghost Mode: Phantom

They have added the “Phantom Assassin” Challenge in Ghost Mode. You can Complete this challenge by Killing 100 Targets in any Location to earn the Phantom suit.

Ghost Mode: Rematch

If you want to take the revenge and play with your recent opponent, then this option let you rematch with your recent opponent.

Silent Assassin Scoring:

This Mode is the most achievable and tough part to score. Where Earning 5 Stars is the most difficult thing.

This Mission scoring will be based on these parameters: in Hitman 2 Update

  • Objectives Complete (20k),
  • Never Spotted (20k),
  • No Noticed Kills (20k),
  • No Bodies Found (20k),
  • No Recordings (20k),
  • Non-Target Kill Penalty (0),
  • Time Bonus.

To earn the Silent Assassin rating in any mission, players will need to complete all objectives and exit the mission, without any of the following 7 events occurring:

  • An NPC escalates to the Compromised state.
  • An NPC escalates to the Suspicious state.
  • An NPC catches Agent 47 trespassing.
  • An NPC finds a dead or pacified body. (Accident kills and poison kills do not fail this event)
  • Agent 47 is spotted performing an illegal or suspicious action through a camera by an NPC. (If there is no guard watching the camera feed, 47 will get recorded but can still earn the SA rating by destroying the evidence.)
  • Getting recorded by a security camera and failing to destroy the evidence.
  • Agent 47 kills a non-target.

The Silent Assassin Tracker: in Hitman 2 Update

Silent Assassin Tracker Tracks your status in Silent Assassin rating during the Gameplay. This tracker will display an icon next to the minimap. This Will indicate some color whether the SA is Achievable towards the final or not. For Example, Agent 47 was recorded by a CCTV camera then the tracker will be turned into red. But once the CCTV footage is deleted successfully the tracker will turn into green.

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