Battlefield V Firestorm New Map Mercury – Releasing on 30th May 2019

Battlefield V Firestorm New Map Mercury:

The Battlefield V game is really awesome Game and is really proving its point on every update. The upcoming update is Firestorm New Map Mercury is held to release on 30th May 2019. Players were waiting for this news and today finally EA announced this Map officially.

The Map is released with their dialog Mediterranean as a brand-new map becomes part of the ever-evolving Battlefield™ V.” This Map is based on the memory of World war 2 Operation Mercury in 1941. This map lets you deploy on the coast of Crete where the British take on the invading German forces. The gameplay is related to the World war situation, The British Army has some amount of tanks and few Planes; where German forces have to hold their positions and fight with the British Army.

Mercury at a Glance


  • Infantry
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles

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  • Medium-Large


  • Moderate-Fast “Due to the size and verticality of the map, the tempo will vary.”

Game Play in Mercury:

The Firestorm New Map Mercury has different playstyle. Battlefield veterans will see shades of three classic maps from older titles: Guadalcanal from Battlefield™ 1942, the Altai Range map from Battlefield™ 4, and Battlefield™ 1’s Monte Grappa.

Operation Mercury 1941
Operation Mercury 1941

Here in this map players have different playstyles; Mercury is built to be a proper all-out war map. Players will be pushing with tanks, holding out for air support, or desperately holding the Flag positions.

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All Flag Positions in Mercury Map:

Capture Point A: Cove

This flag is a quiet beach near a crashed Axis transport plane. Rocky cliffs surround the area, protecting it from long range attacks, and creating very vertical engagements between the players on the beach and those on the rocks above.

Capture Point B: Poulos House

The now-abandoned home of a wealthy family with grounds sitting above old olive tree groves, offering a stunning view of the Aegean Sea. The walls and gates provide poor protection from bullets and explosives, but Fortifications can be built to repurpose the space.

Capture Point C: Radar Sites

These twin radar installations along with the tall communications tower are just the latest expression of military might that the war has brought to the island. A large, sprawling capture area encompasses both radars and a nearby building, with Fortifications providing covered movement and firing positions.

Capture Point D: Village

This house sits on the edge of a village, abutting a quiet town square. White walls surround the plot of land, offering some cover from incoming fire, which will certainly come from the Radar Sites above, the hills behind, and from windows in the nearby houses.

Capture Point E: Marina

Local fishermen worked here before the war, with a quiet café offering respite after a long day on the water. The open capture area allows for tanks to resupply, but the surrounding houses and hills are perfect spots for enemy infantry.

To win the Firestorm New Map Mercury Just Follow some tips:

  • Stay alert as there are lots of ways the enemy can attack.
  • Assist your vehicles! The terrain is treacherous (Ground plus water type)
  • Build Fortifications! “To defend your Flag Location”
  • Take Cover and Fight; don’t rush for Head to head fight.

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See How to Build Fortification:

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