When pubg mobile banned in India

Chances are PUBG mobile will not be banned in India. Unless the extreme things in India are banned. However, I have seen the news that the PUBG mobile game will be restricted... Read more »

Why PUBG mobile lite is not available in India?

In the countries like India, the game has not yet been released, the main reason for this is probably the server and the resulting stress which can be high demand. It is... Read more »

How to download pubg mobile lite on pc?

Tencent has now released official software for playing PUBG Mobile Lite on PC. Using this new software, you can run Pub Mobile Lite on a laptop, desktop computer. Read the article for... Read more »

How to download pubg mobile lite?

The Tencent company recently dubbed the lite version of the popular online multiplayer battle Royal Games PUBG Mobile as PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available in the Philippines only.... Read more »

Can pubg mobile and pubg lite play together?

No, there are two versions of PUBG. Fully developed PUBG, which is on PC and Xbox One, and PUBG Mobile, available on Android and iOS, but can be played via PC through... Read more »

When will pubg mobile lite launch in India?

PUBG Mobile Lite is announced for low-end devices, but currently, this game is only available in the Philippines, PUBG game is not available for India. Now we have a confirmation that it... Read more »

What is pubg mobile lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite is a light version of Tencent’s game PUBG for low-resource Android mobile devices. So that everyone can play their famous warfare royale titles. This version of PUBG is specially... Read more »

Is pubg mobile lite official?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Lite will be launched by the official Tencent Gaming Company. Game full-version is as same as to Android sibling, in which the only change is the size of the... Read more »

Why pubg Mobile is not banning hackers?

PUBG Mobile Should Ban Hacker soon! Hacking is just a fun time for some people, it ruins every other gaming experience. PUBG does not look like many hackers in mobile because Tencent... Read more »