BattleField 5 FireStorm Game Introduction:

“BattleField 5 FireStorm” is an upcoming battle of the Royale game mode, which has been presented in Battlefield V in the third phase war chapters, Try Bye By Fire. Game mode is being developed by criteria games in partnership with DICE.

BattleField 5 FireStorm was announced on EA play on 9-11 June and later it was discovered in the destruction of the Rotterdam trailer. It was later again seen in the Lightning Strikes update trailer. Game mode is only available to owners of Battlefield V and “was released on March 25, 2019.” Duos mode will be available for limited time in April 2019.

Like the main game, as well as fast-paced FPS action, the roads are also full of map vehicles to drive in the water or in the air. And, it can be played in the squad, not as a single fighter. There is not that many World War II is around the second Battle Royale game, so the subject is different for this kind of thing. The destructive atmosphere should also lend extra water of chaos.


After a gameplay tutorial for the BattleField 5 FireStorm, the official trailer was leaked to ‘NET’. It shows some new features of the benchmark-developed mode and gives you an easy head-up before the update drops next week.


Is Battlefield 5 Firestorm free-to-play?

Many Action Royale games are based on a free-to-play model, both for the Fortnite and Apex Legends available for play at any cost. However, you will need to buy a copy of BattleField 5 FireStorm, before you can reach Firestarter Battle Royale mode because this game is not free-to-play. This mode was advertised as a major part of the game when it was announced last year in E3, so it is not surprising that EA Firestorm Action is keeping Royale mode unique to full game owners, at least for now.

Download BattleField V Firestorm

EA has not made any official announcement on this subject, so nothing is prescribed. Of course, the firestorm is potentially made in a free-to-play, EA can only make game mode free-to-play for a limited time. We have seen that EA had already experimented with this marketing ploy, which was giving free access to the game in a weekend, and they certainly could have done something similar in the future. However, the BattleField 5 FireStorm would probably be unique to the owners of the game for some time, so if you were really hoping to jump into the Battle Royale, then you might consider purchasing a copy of the game quickly.


Firestorm Game for Xbox one, Pc, PS4

Battlefield V Firestorm will launch on March 25. The cinematic trailer is clearly designed to appeal to fans of Battlefield V and War Royale style. There is a cycle of fire in the firestorm that shrinks and if the players are on shore while shrinking they burn. It is an interesting tech on the shrunken circle in Battle Royal Games such as Apex Legends, Fortnight and PUBG. Battlefield V firestorm is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Battlefield Firestorm 64-Player is a multiplayer mode where players descend without loads similar to other Battle Royal Games like PUBG Mobile.

The Battlefield V firestorm trailer hosts destructive weapons in the game. The standard gunpowder is obvious, but the firestorm allows you to reach the tanks, combat vehicles, and even the artillery. A scene from the trailer shows that you can start a flare and call for an artillery strike in place of your opponent.


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BattleField 5 FireStorm Gameplay, and Playing Tips:

The battlefield focuses on eliminating “abstraction” from game mechanics to increase party-based facilities and mechanics, lack of resources, and realism. An expanded focus will be focused on the player’s optimization through the new company system, where the player will be able to create many characters with various cosmetic and weapon options. The currency used to buy cosmetic items and others will be earned by fulfilling the objectives of the game


Before the match starts, the player can choose a multiplayer class from both groups. Classes are only cosmetic and there is no additional benefit. Later, players are placed in a hanger with a destroyed Z-52 until enough players get involved in the match. While waiting, the players can pick up and try different weapons scattered in the hanger. Once the player reaches the threshold, the Hangar Emergency Light will be activated. Hangar doors will open for signs of match startup.


The match starts with a group of Z-52 on the pre-determined flight path on the random field on the map. Players have an option to place the plane outside and to mark the airdrops on the ground. Should a player fail to leave the plane before leaving the boundaries of the map, they will stop the match later. On landing, players should scour for weapons, gadgets, armor, ammunition, and vehicles.

As a match goes on, the firestorm will be periodically closed in a circle around a random area on the map. The edge of the circle is depicted as a wall of fire which will block the sight for any person caught in the storm. It will harm any player within the storm until they reach safety. As the storm collapses, players are forced to engage against each other to avoid the storm. Eventually, the storm will overtake the whole map until a team or player is made to stand up.


Armor and health in BattleField 5 FireStorm:

All players start around with 150% health. Health uplift is not available in the firestorm. This requires players to find and use Syrettes to recover from the loss. Once enough damage has occurred, the players will enter the DBNO with 150% of health. This state allows players to slowly crawl towards safety, as well as set fire to a well-fitted pavement. To bring the players out of this state, the Squadmate will have to make big revisions. Should a friend revive, the players will be killed permanently and will have to enter the spectator mode?



weapons Used in BattleField 5 FireStorm:

A total of 16 firearms were kept in the firestorm. Weapons are available in three rare cases: common, rare and epic. The rarity of a weapon reflects the expertise available on a weapon, in which there is no common weapon for an upgrade. Weapons perform similarly to multiplayer. Shotgun and sniper rifle, however, have reduced their damage values to prevent a one-hit hit. Each weapon type requires a specific type of ammunition, which, like weapons, should also be removed from the map.

battlefield Weapons List

Vehicles in BattleField 5 FireStorm:

Vehicles are featured prominently in the firestorm, in which 17 vehicles are available. Transportation, armored transport and displacement can be found scattered throughout the map. However, fighter vehicles are only found within vehicle drop reinforcement or vehicle lockup. All vehicles start with a fixed amount of fuel and ammunition. For this, players need to refuel and resume them, so that they continue to work effectively.

PC Requirements, BATTLEFIELD V FIRESTORM for IOS and Android

From these specifications, competing PC players will have an idea of what it takes to achieve the best performance level while playing Battlefield Firestorm. Recommended Requirements for Battlefield 5 Battle Royal Firestorm:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor (Intel): Intel Core i7 8700 or equivalent
  • Processor (AMD): AMD Ryzen 7 2700 or equivalent
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Hard disk: 50GB
  • Internet requirements: 512 KBPS or faster connection

Sorry, but this game is May not launched for android or ios users now. But, we think the developers of this game will recently launch this game for smartphone users too. So, till you, all smartphones users can play other games like PUBG or FREE FIRE.


You Can Download Battlefield V Firestorm for Android here

BattleField 5 FireStorm has killed 64 players on a mass scale against each other. There are many areas and environments in the map and almost ten times the size of Hamda. Solo and Squad are currently available two variants, with which the couple will be released in April 2019.

Unlike normal multiplayer, players do not roam with any weapons or gadgets and they should be muddy around the map. Vehicles, such as tanks and transport, are sporadically located around the map and can be used accordingly. Engagement with enemy players is implemented because the map shrinks from firearms from time to time. After all, firearms will completely overtake the whole map until only one player or team survives.

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