How to play Rules Of Survival on PC – Play Mobile Version Using Emulators

Rules Of Survival on PC

Play Rules Of Survival on PC

The rules of survival is a battle royal game for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The terms of the Rules Of Survival Download Link for Windows, Mac, and Smartphones are given below. You can download and Play the PC Version here!!

There are about 80 million players worldwide. In the Rules Of Survival PC game, 120 players will fall into a vast, deserted island. At starting the rules of survival game, you will become unarmed. In Rules of Survival for PC Games, your task is to find guns and other things quickly to fight the enemies.

You can find guns and other important things from inside the buildings. You have to keep a watch around yourself because the enemy can attack you from any direction.

In the ROS for the PC, if you want to stay alive then you have to be inside the shrinking circle. If you are the last person standing then you will become the last survivor of the game. The rules of survival pc are similar to the Creative Destruction PC and Free Fire PC Game.

Play Rules Of Survival on PC Using Emulators:

Rules of Survival is one of popular battle royal games which is available on PC and mobile both. By October 2018, the game had reached 230 million players worldwide.

The Main Reason you should use Emulator is you will get to play the Mobile Game on your PC. If you play using PC Version and Your Other friends play on Mobile then you can not play with them. This feature can be enabled using Emulators. Follow the Steps given below in the Emulator and Play Rules of Survival on PC with your Mobile Friends.

Using Apower Mirror Emulator

The first way to play Rules Of Survival on PC from your mobile devices is via ApowerMirror. This is a screen mirroring app available for Android and iOS users. It provides a great way to insert a smartphone on the computer – both Windows and Mac. In addition, there are other tools which can be found within the app as screenshots and recorders. Its Android version has a control mode that lets you manage your on-screen phone using the mouse and keyboard. Therefore, you can easily do tasks from your computer. So, here’s a way to reflect on the rules of survival for PCs.

  • Download and install ApowerMirror on your computer. Once you start the program.

Download ApowerMirror

  • After this, connect your phone to your computer.
  • For Android users, download ApowerMirror from Google Play Store and enable USB debugging on your device. Connect your phone to a USB cable.
  • Congrats now you can play Rules Of Survival on PC.

For iPhone users, find ApowerMirror on App Store and install it. Go to your home screen and swipe to reveal the control center Click on “Screen Mirroring” or “Airplay Mirroring” and then tap “Apowersoft” with your computer’s name inside the bracket.

Now, you will see your mobile screen on the PC. Open the rules of survival and start playing.

Using Memu App Player Emulator

The MEmu App Player is another emulator for your Windows PC. Like ApowerMirror, it lets you create a virtual device for downloading Android games and apps on your PC. It supports at least from the most popular to various types of applications. This makes it different from other types of software, the way it offers to share files between replicated devices and computers. Anyway, the guidelines below will show you how to play the rules of survival on a computer.

  • Start by installing a program on your computer. Once you install it, set the device according to your choice.


  • Navigate to the Play Store and search for survival rules and then press the Download button.
  • Once the game appears on your Home screen, tap on it to launch the Arena. Set key mapping for the first time so that follow the control PUBG.

Using BlueStacks Emulator

In addition to a mirroring app, you can also use BlueStacks. This is an emulator that enables users to create an Android device with the KitKat version. It’s a free app on Windows and Mac that can download games and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Candy Crush and Subway Surfers. Of course, it can also run the rules of survival. Therefore, follow the steps below to learn how to play rules of survival on PC.

  • To get started, get Bluestacks on your computer.

Download bluestacks

  • Install the program and sign in using your Gmail account. Configure the application.
  • After a series of steps, you can now see your device on your computer screen. Go to the Play Store or App Store and search for games. Install it how you normally get installed on the actual phone.
  • Finally, access your gameplay and start playing with your mouse and keyboard.

List of Rules Of Survival on PC Controls –

Rules of Survival key mapping
Rules of Survival key mapping
  • WASD: Move
  • Left-mouse: Fire weapon
  • Right-mouse: Toggle Shooter Mode
  • Q: Primary weapon (press again to reload)
  • 2: Secondary weapon (also to reload)
  • 3: Pistol weapon (again to reload)
  • 4: Melee
  • G: Use medkits/energy drinks/grenades
  • F: Open/close doors
  • E: Scope
  • C: Crouch
  • X: Prone
  • SPACE: Jump
  • TAB: Map

The above controls can be changed for your playing style. Map the keys to what you feel most comfortable with.

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