Win 3850 UC in TGB Festival – Play PUBG Mobile on PC and Win Exciting Prizes

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival (TGB Festival):

The Tencent Gaming Buddy or TGB is an official Emulator for Playing PUBG Mobile game on PC. This means you can play the same game on the big screen. But you are called as emulator players and sometimes emulator players get neglected from some prize pools. So to keep them happy PUBG Mobile (Tencent) has launched a TGB Festival from 25th May to 1st June.

During this Festival time, there are lots of Lucky Draw Gifts that you can earn. You just need to sign up in TGB with the same account as in PUBG Mobile and Participate in the Lucky draw. The best part of this Lucky Draw is you can get chance to win 3850 UC in your PUBG Mobile Account. And the Worst Part of this Lucky Draw is You may get “Better luck next time” as I am one of them; So sad!!

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How to Participate in the TGB Festival?

If you are new to Tencent gaming buddy, then just download this emulator you can play almost all popular Mobile Games on your PC. To Participate in the Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival Follow the Steps given below.

TGB Festival Lucky Draw
TGB Festival Lucky Draw
  1. Download Tencent Gaming Buddy (if already downloaded then skip this step)
  2. Login into Tencent Gaming Buddy Using Google Play Account or Facebook (Please choose the same account that you are using for your PUBG Mobile Login)
  3. Then You will see a Sliding Image about TGB Festival on TGB Screen click on it. If not then Simply Click on the Link here.
  4. Make Sure you are login into your TGB account, Now Login on the Website where you are redirected by clicking on the link above.
  5. Now you will see 3 Stickers with “Get 1 Chance” nameplate.
  6. Each of the Sticker describes condition to earn that coupon. Follow the Instruction and click on each “Get 1 chance button” to get the lucky draw chance.
  7. Once you unlock one of them you will see the Prizes below in the Lucky Draw Section. There is one Button “Start” You will see how many chances you have for this Lucky Draw.
  8. When you click on the “Start button” Your Result will be shown and you will get a Code that you need to redeem into your PUBG Mobil Account.

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How to Redeem Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival Prize Code?

Below the Lucky Draw Section on the TGB Festival Website Page you will see a Redeem Button at right Bottom.

  • click here to get to Redeem Page.
  • You will have to enter your character ID
  • Then Enter redeem code
  • Now Enter the verification code
  • Then Click on Redeem Button to get the reward in your account.
Redeem TGB Festival Gift Coupon
Redeem TGB Festival Gift Coupon

Character ID: Open PUBG Mobile, and Click on your Profile you will see your Game Nick Name and A Character ID for your Player You need to enter that character ID into the Redeem Process.

Redeem Code: You will get this code in TGB Festival during the Lucky Draw.

Verification Code: This is nothing but the Random Code that appears on the web page. We can call it captcha to verify you are not a robot.

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What if you do not Win in TGB Festival:

You will get only 3 Chances to Participate in this TGB Festival. And this is not a Competition so it’s totally over your luck. If you want to get More Chances you need to use Another PC. Because as per the Rules in Tencent Gaming Buddy Festival (TGB Festival) “You can Participate in this Event only once using one PC at a time.”

TGB Festival Activity Rules
TGB Festival Activity Rules

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