PUBG new snow map Vikendi might bet a hot topic in this time in the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground community. However, we should not forget that the snow map vendor concept created by the red map user IamEzalor was nothing more than the Winter Map. New snow map Vikendi helped the developer regain the number of online player numbers that were lost in the last few months. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground developer knows that in order to engage millions of PUBG players on all platforms, they need to provide continuous updates, new content and changes in the game so that the players do not get bored.  

Do You Think PUBG Mobile Can Die?

Because of Jio everyone now has their own smartphone and internet. New maps are being added every two to 3 months in the game, which are increasingly becoming more stable.

People who do not have gaming computers play PUBG Mobile because PUBG Mobile runs on almost all phones. Therefore PUBG Mobile is definitely not dead. The one who kills me the most is fake gaming girls, I see that their chicken dinner’s stupid stories and their PUBG games are random stuff.

While Playing PUBG Mobile You Might Have Faced High PIng!

In the past few months, player Unknown BattleGround (PUBG) has achieved quite a surprising number of concurrent players.

This is due to a large number of users of the PUBG mobile server. However, with this increasing popularity and demand, it does not appear that everyone is enjoying the game completely. This is caused by fluctuations in PUBG servers, which results in higher ping.

In the countries like India, the game has not yet been released, the main reason for this is probably the server and the resulting stress which can be high demand.

It is indispensable that when the game is released in India, hundreds of thousands of players will be downloading the game – so it is important that their servers are strong enough to handle such flow of their player base at the same time.

Since the developers for the Lite Edition are different from the main PUBG version and mobile option, the game’s server will also be different. Keeping this in mind, developers will only release the game in India when they believe that their servers can cope with demand and publicity which is ultimately an announcement.

Reason Why Your PUBG Mobile LAGs:

  • low-end devices

Low-end devices include high-end devices, which can utilize traditional Linux operating systems (OS) such as Linux, and low-end devices, which lack a stringent resource, for example, very limited memory, Computational power, and power supply.

  • Network issue

PUBG “Internet Error” occurs when you can not connect to the server that you need to connect to play the game.

  • Game Internal issue

After an update, new maps can be loaded or cached for the game to run smoothly after the first gameplay. Every app produces cache, it can increase the display on the phone as well as in computers. The interval issue has been fixed at 90%. But the game still lags behind due to no reason. 1 and 2. However, decrease ur graphics in medium settings. It can work. And if you have a high-end device then enable the option of angling.

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PUBG Mobile Should Ban Hacker soon!

Hacking is just a fun time for some people, it ruins every other gaming experience. PUBG does not look like many hackers in mobile because Tencent likes to filter them.

The PC version is constantly filled with them, though. If you die in mobile, then the high probability is you haven’t killed by a hacker, its a player with better aim, mobility, weapon or fate.

Well, PUBG is trying to get rid of them, but they come back like new viruses from new accounts or servers.

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Reason Why PUBG Mobile is banned:

In India, due to joining PUBG, youth have received many reports about the need for medical care. According to a survey done by free internet provider Jana on their mCent browser app for QUARTZ, 62% of 1,047 respondents said they played the game.

It will not be banned everywhere in India. The game has been banned in the college’s WiFi server in Maharashtra because students play PUBG in the middle of their lectures instead of studying.

So, in the Maharashtra colleges, the game server has been banned but not in whole Maharashtra. You can get the news that PUBG is banned in Maharashtra. Currently, PUBG is banned in Gujarat.

Your Game Has Bots Because You Can Join the Match As Soon As Possible.

A “bot” game has an AI, computer controlled player / character.

A bot will never go inside a building. The bots are programmed to shoot at the nearest enemy only, which will be at a distance of 100ms. There are no team / squad in the bot. So, as they shoot every other character found in the game. Bots that make a place in the top 10 in a squat match or some other. They become prone to hide and will only emerge when no other player has anywhere near them (radius – 10m), do not wait so well with the ur squad in a building, so that the player can come to you Hopefully

If your PUBG Mobile Mic is Not Working Don’t Worry!

In Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile has hit the world in a very short time, and gamers around the world are enjoying the game on Android as well as on their Android device. Recently, microphones are reporting problem in gamers game. Even though the microphone symbol has been shown against the name bar in the game’s interface, but the sound is failing to transmit. Therefore, no squad-based chatting is happening.

To change settings, go to:

Settings -> Voice -> Voice

There, you can set :

1) button to function voice chat

2) Channel settings

3) Voice volume settings

If this method does not work for you, kindly check if you have correctly connected your microphone to your PC.

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PUBG Mobile has become the world’s hottest smartphone game this year. You can Choose the best mobile Phone for Playing pubg mobile. The credit for the popularity of PUBG Mobile goes to the fact that a game with open possibilities can fit even smaller versions of the smartphone. But game makers, Tencent Games, have shown that it is possible to develop games on mobile that everyone wants to play.

Here is a list of relatively inexpensive devices, in which the number of all the specs required to run PUBG mobile is the best. Our list includes the devices selected based on the processor, RAM, screen size and resolution.

Following Mobiles, You Can Use to Play PUBG Mobile:

  • Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2
  • Realme 2 Pro
  • Motorola One Power
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi A2

If you are an Android user, download PUBG Mobile from the Play Store. If you are an apple user then download it from the App Store.

Click the install button and the download will begin. But remember that the game is 1.5 GB larger, I would advise you to use WiFi. If you want to use mobile data at night, so that you use your remaining data Sometimes even after completing the download it shows an error and is not installed so keep this in mind. If you can not find PUBG in your Play Store, it means that your phone is not supported for this game.

PUBG Mobile game has its fair share of issues and bugs, but the game was only available as a stable release.

Developer Tencent Games released PUBG Mobile Beta. Beta PUBG Mobile enjoys and enjoys classic games in a new way. Because it’s a beta version of PUBG mobile, expect bugs and quirks to pop up more frequently than the stable version.

You can download pubg mobile beta from the Google play store, but the beta version of PUBG Mobile is already full. So, you can use game downloading sites to download PUBG Mobile Beta.

PUBG Mobile Lite is announced for low-end devices, but currently, this game is only available in the Philippines,

PUBG game is not available for India. Now we have a confirmation that it will soon lead India and the exact date is not announced yet by Tencent game India.

PUBG Developer Tencent Games has launched the Lite version of the PUBG-PUBG Mobile Lite on the Google Play Store for budget smartphones, which do not pack into powerful hardware and have RAM less.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 will End on 15th of May 2019.

PUBG Mobile Lite was announced for a low-end device a few months ago, but this game is currently available. PUBG Mobile Lite was officially launched on March 19, 2018.

PUBG Developer Tencent Games has launched a light version of the PUBG-PUBG Mobile Lite on the Google Play Store for the budget smartphone that does not pack into powerful hardware and includes RAM is less. Battle Royal Gaming Setup on the smartphone has taken an interesting turn. PUBG is finally competing with Fortnite.

PUBG Mobile Lite will be distributed through the Google Play Store. If you are interested, you can download the game directly from the Google play store. Samsung users will be able to download the game directly from the Samsung App Store on compatible Galaxy devices.

On February 13, 2019 – pubg mobile lite was released in Indonesia.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) has become a sensation between gamers and the online multiplayer Battle Royale is now available on smartphones, PCs, Xbox, PlayStation and more. Tencent Games has recently launched a lite version of the PUBG PC for low-end hardware, and while it is still available in Thailand only, PUBG Lite will soon make its way into four more countries.

Now it has been confirmed that PUBG Lite will expand in its beta form, on Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore, which will start soon. The Tencent game is bringing PUBG Lite to more southeast Asian countries, which means that those who have access to PUBG players or high-end hardware in India will not get PUBG Lite in beta form soon.

Chances are PUBG mobile will not be banned in India. Unless the extreme things in India are banned. However, I have seen the news that the PUBG mobile game will be restricted in India.

Some people say the game is restricted by PUBG India. And this news became viral in a while and reached all over India.

Many PUBG players have gone out and started searching for real news that Pubg is a game bane or not. So there was no proper answer to his quirks. As I am a PUBG player, I was also in a little tense and started researching it.

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PUBG Mobile Lite is a light version of Tencent’s game PUBG for low-resource Android mobile devices.

So that everyone can play their famous warfare royale titles. This version of PUBG is specially designed to play on lower-tier devices. In a genius move, PUBG Mobile Lite is literally the same game as PUBG Mobile.

The only major difference is that you face 40 other players (instead of 100) and the map you play on is small, so there are fewer graphics to present your device. In addition to those two changes, PUBG Mobile Lite runs, looks and feels the same as regular PUBG Mobile.

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The popular online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG, is furious among all gaming communities and it has broken many records in the past year. Available on Android and iOS, PUBG Mobile is especially known for its excellent functionality and optimization for all types of smartphones and tablets. There are various mobile games that go with the same format as PUBG, here are some mobile options that you can try comfortably.

  • Rules of Survival
  • Free Fire
  • Black Survival
  • Survival Royale
  • Battle Royal Strike Survival

If you are thinking of playing PUBG Android games on your PC, then you may need the Android Tencent Gaming Emulator software to run the game.

However, if you have a better chipset (5th genes Pentium or better), then you may not need a graphics card; Integrated is enough to provide all the graphics power to run a game smoothly (I Asphalt 8 used to run on your PC simultaneously 4g Gen Pentium G4400, Windows 10) and there is no problem.

There are many tournaments that are usually organized by various YouTubers and gamers in India. One of the websites is hosting a PUBG Mobile Grand Tournament and the awards are very big. These rules are:

  1. You will find three groups
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad
  1. Click “Join”
  2. Read and follow the instructions given
  3. Select the number of stocks and click on “Add to cart”
  4. Check your car and check out.
  5. Create your account
  6. Choose payment method and placement order

If you want to stream your PC, then I recommend using Tencent gaming emulator. It is very simple and there are many interesting functions of this emulator.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile has announced a new tournament which is due in the coming months. The new tournament that holds a huge $ 2.5 million pool of prize pool is called PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019. Follow the steps below to register for the PUBG Mobile Club Open Tournament: –

  • Register your crew here.


  • When you are registering logs in PUBG Mobile, create a crew in Crew Challenge system using the exact same crew name and members.
  • Register for Crew Challenge under TPP Mode (Third Person Perspective).
  • After the game registration process completes, play minimum 8 games during the Crew Challenging Qualifying Round.
  • The top 8 matches will be considered during the ranking of the qualification round.
  • The top qualifying crew will be invited to the Club Open 2019 Spring Split Group Round.

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Player-aware Battleground was the most downloaded mobile game in the last quarter, despite being released only in mid-March, more than 200 million installs in Android and iOS. Tencent has revealed that PUBG Mobile is now played daily by 100 million people.

There may be some reason that PUBG is not downloading in your phone –

  • Space shortage – Storage problem is one of the problems PUBG Mobile requires a lot of space. Please empty at least 3 GB space.
  • Internet Connection – If there is a problem with your internet connection, it can stop the download. So please make sure there is no disturbance with your internet connection
  • Supported phones – this is one of the main reasons. Check that your phone supports PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile supports almost all phones but some phones are still not available.

Recently PUBG Mobile has downloaded 100 million downloads. It clearly tells that the game has been popular with madness. You can enjoy PUBG Mobile on Windows 7. If you are using a laptop or desktop, or which architecture you are using or which architecture is using 32 bit or 64 bit, it does not matter.

Understand the requirements first:

  • Any PC with Windows 7 installed
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum 3 GB free space
  • High-speed internet connection

Tencent recently launched official emulator for PUBG Mobile, Tencent Gaming Buddy is the gateway to a fantastic mobile gaming where you can enjoy PUBG Mobile in PC. It fully supports mouse and keyboard control, such as playing PC version of PUBG. Good thing with this, it’s free! Here are the minimum requirements for PUBG mobile for PC –

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7
  • CPU: Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz.
  • GPU: ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600, NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT.
  • Memory: at least 3GB of RAM
  • Storage: 1GB of free storage
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c

Yes, you should search PUBG on your Apple Store, be sure to install it from the Apple Store, that the game is compatible with the mobile version, if you install from elsewhere, you can not play it on your mobile, if you download from the computer, you may need CD keys, for legal CD keys, you can have a view on M8X, wish you luck.

Yes, using Controller for Mobile Battle Royal Hits is a bit complicated. The official term of Tencent and Bluehole is that controllers and mobile gamepads are not officially supported by PUBG Mobile. On any device, Android- or iOS-based.

You can connect a controller and move around using the analog sticks. But it’s about it. So you will not be able to shoot or pick up items.

Note: If you are playing PUBG Mobile on an iOS device, then the method below will not work primarily as this writing because we all know that Apple products can be difficult.

Needless to say, some excellent settings for running PUBG mobile are as follows: –

  • Adjust graphics quality – A high graphics quality setting will definitely make it easy to spot other enemies
  • Turn on Peak and Fire – This allows you to peep from behind the cover, so that you can take shots without exposing yourself too much.
  • Use gyroscope to aim down – it can be incredibly helpful when targeting targets below, or when you go in.
  • Check AIM Assist on – check that Aim Assist is running for easy target.
  • Enable auto-open doors
  • Adjust the size and position of controls
  • Turn on auto-adjusted graphics

I guess, these settings will help you to increase or grow your gameplay.

No, the PUBG mobile lite is not available in offline mode. PubG Mobile is an online game where you play with your friends by logging on Facebook.

You can also play it using guest mode. In addition, you can also log in from Gmail account. But the best way to connect with friends on Facebook. Try it once for sure. You will have a better experience that you can never have.

This makes the game very interesting and you will enjoy a lot of fun. Once you play this game, you will know how much fun and addictive game it is?


PUBG Mobile Lite will be launched by the official Tencent Gaming Company. Game full-version is as same as to Android sibling, in which the only change is the size of the map and the maximum number of active players. The lite version of PUBG is officially available only in the Philippines till now.

Powerful anti-cheat mechanism guarantees fun and honest environment for all PUBG mobile players. The size of the map is quite small and the maximum number of players on a map is limited to 40 instead of 100.

At present, there is no confirmed date or leaked date about it. The game is for now only for the Philippines.

However, Mr. Aneesh Aarvind, General Manager of Tencent Games India has said, “We are currently testing PUBG LITE version of PUBG Mobile and are optimizing it for Indian Networks and Devices, after successful testing, Will release the near future.

After listening to this statement, I think it will be available in India for some 1 or 2 in a few months. However, to run it on your Android you only have 1 requirement and that your phone Android version should be 4.0.3 minimum ice cream sandwich.

Widely popular playerUnknown’s Battleground is now available on mobile. The mobile version of PUBG was developed in collaboration with the mobile giant company Tencent.

PUBG Mobile is a free game. But you should remember that they include in-game buying, so Tencent is earning enough money from that. One of my friends bought a premium feature (i.e. some cool clothes) for RS. 2000 There are so many players who are buying it daily.

So Tencent is earning a good amount. And PUBG Mobile is also an ad-supported game. You are paying the developers indirectly by seeing those advertisements. Developers earn enough money from in-game ads to download games for free.

Some games also have an option of disabling ads that pay premiums to make it completely ad-free, in that case, when you are paying directly to developers.

If you are suffering from the lagging problem, which means that if you do tap or do anything then your pills are not firing at the right time, then you need to solve the issues.

PUBG offers a lot of control over the game’s optimization. You can access these controls by going to the settings menu, which you can get by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

Then, open the ‘Graphics’ tab. If you do not know how to access this menu, we’ve added a screenshot below.

pubg mobile graphic settings

First of all, set the graphics to ‘Smooth’. It will set the graphics in-game to the lowest and possibly cut the render distance. In return, this will make the game very good by increasing your FPS and reducing any gaps.

The setting of ‘style’ does not make much difference to the game. However, you should still set it in NO style. You can test for yourself whether it improves the game.

Set the ‘Frame Rate’ setting to below. You are probably thinking that setting it on high makes sense. Reducing the frame rate will reduce the number of essential resources in the game, which can reduce heat and battery consumption!

Finally, you can choose to enable auto-adjust graphics. This setting will automatically reduce game settings so that it can be run faster.

The Tencent company recently dubbed the lite version of the popular online multiplayer battle Royal Games PUBG Mobile as PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available in the Philippines only. However, PUBG players can download the APK file of PUBG mobile lite and install it on its smartphone. Here’s how to download –

First thing –

This is only a solution and PUBG does not officially confirm the law. Additionally, users will also need a reliable VPN client to run games, which is a paid version preferably.

  • Open ‘www.google.com’ on any browser
  • Then, Search PUBG Mobile Lite APK file and download it from a trusted website
  • After the download, install the game.
  • Go to the phone’s settings and install apps from unknown sources.
  • As we have already mentioned that the game is only available in the Philippines and users will need a reliable VPN client (preferably a paid version) to redirect the Philippines network server.
  • Now, connect the VPN to the Philippines server.
  • Launch the PUBG Mobile Lite game and enjoy

Note: There is a possibility that the game can not run or give an error message. In this time, PUBG players will have to wait until the game starts in India officially.

About PUBG Mobile Lite, there are only 40 players in the game, and the Battle Royal match will be for the fast-paced PUBG action facility in the small 2 km X 2 km map. In addition, the graphics of the game has been slightly downconverted to reduce dependency on processing power and RAM.

Tencent has now released official software for playing PUBG Mobile Lite on PC. Using this new software, you can run Pub Mobile Lite on a laptop, desktop computer. Read the article for details –

You will be glad to know that you can also enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite on your Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP,  and Windows 10) and Mac systems. The Combination of PC & Lite version of PUBG Mobile is fatal and using PUBG Mobile Lite on PC, you will get the easiest experience of Playing PUBG.

Download and install official PUBG Mobile Lite software on PC

Recently, Tencent gaming company has released an official software or ando for PC Players who want to play PUBG Mobile Lite. This tool is currently in beta version. It is better to use this software to run Play Pub mobile on PC because it has been developed by the creators of the game.

Here are the steps:

  • First download software
  • The size of the software is 61.2 MB. After the download, double click on the setup file to begin the installation.
  • After the software is installed, click “OK” to launch the PUBG Mobile Lite PC Installer
  • NOTE: To access the software, you must log in with your PUBG account
  • Once logged in, you can easily run PUBG Mobile Lite on PC

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When you get killed by someone even when you are not expecting that will happen the first thing comes to your mind is “Hacker”.

But No sometimes due to lack of internet speed of your or your enemy glitch happens and you can not damage him, and unfortunately, you get killed.

But this does not mean People do not use Aimbot, there are around 2% chances in every match to have a player with aimbot hack. If you feel like you got killed by hacker just spect him and if confirmed then report immediately along with your friends.

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pubg mobile and pc Uses a dedicated server for each of the PUBG related systems. Xbox and PC use separate servers.

The mobile version uses the same server in iOS and Android, but it does the same difference as the Fortnite where the emulator PC-based players are paired with other similar PC players. As long as they do not join the party with an emulator-player, the mobile players are not matched against them.

No, there are two versions of PUBG. Fully developed PUBG, which is on PC and Xbox One, and PUBG Mobile, available on Android and iOS, but can be played via PC through an Android Emulator (BlueStacks, Tencent Gaming Buddy)

Uses a dedicated server for each of the common PUBG-related systems. Therefore Xbox and PC use different servers. The mobile version uses the same server in iOS and Android, but it does the same difference as the Fortnite where the emulator PC-based players are paired with other similar PC players. As long as they do not join the party with an emulator-player, the mobile players are not matched against them.

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Yes, you can Play pubg mobile without an emulator. You will need a boot Android OS on the PC. This is the easiest way. Well, you can download and install Remix OS and then install Play Store Pub Mobile. But if you want to play the official PC version of the game for free, then no. I would always advise that you officially buy the game from the store or steam market. You can watch tutorials about it on youtube.

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