Apex Legend 1.08 patch Update

Apex Legend 1.08 patch Update – Raised an GamePlay issue for Fans

Apex Legend 1.08 patch Update Release on 8th May A new Apex Legend 1.08 Update has been released today on 8th May on PS4 with Fans having a problem in download and... Read more »
Overwatch Endgame

Overwatch new workshop mode bring Avengers Endgame [Awesome Mode]

Overwatch Avengers Endgame: An overwatch player has created a game mode in Workshop inspired by Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. The convenience of the new workshop provides players more power than ever before... Read more »
PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON

PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON Arrival in Season 7 Update

PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON in Season 7: Hello Friends, As we all know this is Last week that is the 8th week of PUBG Mobile Season and its time for a new... Read more »
PUBG Mobile Season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Leaks – New Skins, Royal Pass Rewards and Much More

When PUBG Mobile Season 7 is Coming: Hello Players, Welcome – I hope you might have read this article: PUBG Mobile Update 12.0.5 Spoiler. As I mention what is expected to be... Read more »
Fortnite Run in to V-Buck Problem

Fortnite Caused V-Buck Problem while Compensating Arcana Glider on 8th May 2019

How Fortnite caused V-Buck Problem. Epic Run into a Bug Problem leading adding an inappropriate amount of V-Bucks in Some Players Account. While Some players might felt that their items have been... Read more »
Get Paid for Playing Fortnite

Get Paid for Playing Fortnite this Summer [Earn $1000 and 1 Year Internet Free]

Get Paid for Playing Fortnite this Summer: Hi, Players welcome again; As you have read the Title “Get Paid for Playing Fortnite” that is true. You can Play Fortnite and Earn Money.... Read more »
dead by daylight

The Dead by Daylight Scream’s Ghostface killer leak by Mistake on 7th May

Dead by Daylight – Ghostface killer leak! Unfortunately! Dead by Daylight developers accidentally got Ghostface killer leak which was yet as Unannounced. That face is non-other than Scream franchise’s slasher, Ghostface. But the... Read more »
PUBG Mobile Egg Hunt Trick

Simple Tricks to Find and Use Vibrant Egg and Lucky Egg in PUBG Mobile [100% working]

What is Lucky Egg and Vibrant Egg: Hello PUBG Players, Today we are going to discuss the Vibrant egg, and Lucky Egg that is “PUBG mobile new update on easter”. How to... Read more »