How to Fix Mic Problem in Phoenix OS | Free and Easy Tips to Fix Phoenix OS Mic Noise Problem – Enjoy and Play With Your Friends Using Mic After this Trick

Phoenix OS Mic Noise:

If you are facing the same Phoenix OS Mic Noise Problem like me then you are in the right place. Before we Step Ahead let’s know what is this Actual Noise Problem. So that Those who are new and Want to Install Phoenix os to their PC will understand that this is Not a big Problem.

Before I tried this Trick to reduce/fix my PUBG Mobile Chat Problem due to Phoenix OS Mic Noise glitch, it was like hell to play without mic with my friends. Every time I turn on my MIC they get Irritate and ask me to shut the mic off. Because of this, my interest in Playing PUBG Mobile Game on PC was decreasing.

Then one of my friends told me that this problem of Mic Noise in Phoenix can be solved just search online and try it. Then I searched tried and then written in my words for you all.

Playing PUBG Mobile Game without any Live chat option has a 50% chance to lose the Squad battle match. But with Mic and Chatting, you will not just win the match but can enjoy the game with your friends with your gossips.

Phoenix os mic

How to Fix Problem in Phoenix OS Mic:

To solve this problem you have to open your Phoenix OS and Need to try Along with this Reading.

“Before We Get Started there is one Step where you will find a file I hope you will back up that file somewhere else before editing it.”

Follow the Steps Below to Fix Noise Problem in Phoenix OS Mic:

  • Got to Settings and then to Root Root Permission
  • Make Root Permission Enable
  • Then Close the Window and Open “Es Explorer”
  • Then in the Left Menue of ES Explorer
  • Enable Root Explorer Option
  • Then Go to Local Folder or Home Folder (where all Folders are located)
  • Find our “etc folder” and Open it
  • Then Search for “” file and Open in text editor or “ES Text Editor”
  • In the Editor, You need to make a few Changes as follow.
  • First, go to the Bottom of Page
  • Look for $c set ‘MIC Boost’ 3
  • and Change MIC Boost from 3 to 0 or 0.1
  • Below That Option, you Will See $c set ‘internal mic boost’ 3
  • Change Internal MIC Boost from 3 to 0 or 0.1
  • Then Save the Changes and Close the file
  • Now Restart Phoenix OS and Enjoy Your Game

Finally, you did it !! Congrats !!

If you are still confused you can use the Video Guidance given Below:

Wish you Good Luck and Hope your Problem of Phoenix OS Mic Noise may get Fixed.

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