why My pubg mobile mic not working?

If your PUBG Mobile Mic is Not Working Don’t Worry!

In Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile has hit the world in a very short time, and gamers around the world are enjoying the game on Android as well as on their Android device. Recently, microphones are reporting problem in gamers game. Even though the microphone symbol has been shown against the name bar in the game’s interface, but the sound is failing to transmit. Therefore, no squad-based chatting is happening.

To change settings, go to:

Settings -> Voice -> Voice

There, you can set :

1) button to function voice chat

2) Channel settings

3) Voice volume settings

If this method does not work for you, kindly check if you have correctly connected your microphone to your PC.

If you are Using Phoenix OS and your Mic is making Noise. Read Here how to Fix the Phoenix OS mic Noise to Know Click Here!!

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