PUBG PC Lite New Update – Released on 4th of June 2019

PUBG PC Lite New Update Sanhok

PUBG PC Lite New Update:

PUBG Lite is a similar version of PUBG PC, but this game is free and you can play it on the low configured device (PC). Recently on 4th June PUBG PC Lite or PUBG Lite Update is released and this update especially contains Sanhok Items.

PUBG PC lite new Update contains new Guns, vehicles, and bugs for Sanhok Map. New bugs that I mean to say bug solved. want to check out more about PUBG PC lite New Update visit official PUBG Lite Website here.

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What’s new in The PUBG PC lite new Update?

  • QBZ will Replace Scar-L in Sanhok
  • New Car is added in Sanhok – ‘rony’
  • Item Spawn Rate has been increased in Small Huts in Sanhok
  • A New Playing Mode Added (duo)
  • You can Adjust your Team Mate Mic Voice.
  • scope reticle or Scope Crosshair added
  • Bug Fixed.

Let’s discuss The PUBG PC Lite New Update:

The Assault Rifle in Sanhok Map is now replaced with another Assault Rifle called QBZ. This AR will be available in Sanhok from the new update to PUBG PC Lite which is available for all PUBG PC lite players from 4th June. QBZ uses 5.56 Ammo with 30 Reload initial Capacity. You can increase this capacity by using Extended Mag.

Actually, This AR is really good than Scar-L. You will get to know once you use this AR in actual Gameplay. The Recoil and Firing rate and firing range are quite better than Scar-L. The look is also different and the Shape of QBZ make it possible to fire with less recoil.

Vehicle in PUBG PC Lite New Update
New Vehicle in Sanhok in PUBG Lite

A new car has been added to Sanhok. This car will not replace any previous vehicle. The New Vehicle or Car is Named with Rony. This is actually a mini truck which will have 2 seats at the front and 2 seats in the back trolley. Handling this Vehicle is too hard as the pickup power is not so good. And Top speed is also not up to the mark. But if your friend is offline and you want to carry him in a safe zone then this Vehicle may help you.

In Sanhok the Rate of Spawn items, or we can say the rate of availability of Guns, Ammo, Medical, and other items have been increased in the small huts. Now you can find more items in small huts in Sanhok than in the big huts. This might cause you to get the Sniper Rifles in Small huts now as the rate of availability has been increased.

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One more playing mode is added in this PUBG PC lite new Update. Now you can play Duo matches. Earlier this update only Solo and Squad matches were available. PUBG PC lite is giving tough competition to the original PUBG version.

You can also Control the Voice volume of your teammates while you are playing. If you feel one of your player mics is giving some problem or his/her sound is too large than other teammates. You can simply adjust the volume as we adjust the Songs Volume.

Volume Control in PUBG Lite
Volume Control in PUBG Lite

New Cross Hair has been added for Red Dot, Holo, 2X, 3X. Now you can change the sight of firing aim of your scope simply by choosing which crosshair you want while aiming and firing on the enemy.

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