Call of Duty Mobile Hack for IOS and Android – Free and 100% Safe to Download

Call of Duty Mobile Hack for IOS and Android

Call of Duty Hack for IOS and Android:

COD Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile was released last month. This game is in its beta version and seems to be a tough opponent to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. This game looks like a combination of PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Free fire.

As these all games are similar and COD Mobile is also launching Battle Royal Version. So the Call of Duty Mobile hack for IOS and Android is similar to the PUBG Mobile Hacks and other Games Hack.

If you have pre-registered for the Beta version but still not getting the APK file from the play store. Then don’t worry just visit the link given below reading full steps and download the game. That article covers how you can install the Call of duty Mobile Beta APK file and OBB file.

Next what to do with that file and how to play. Just visit the article and follow the steps to play COD Mobile Beta Version.

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Now coming back to COD mobile hack or Call of Duty Mobile hack for IOS and Android gives you everything you get in PUBG Mobile hacks. If you have seen the PUBG Mobile Hack, then you will see there are some hacked scripts that are similar in Call of Duty Mobile Hack version and PUBG Mobile Hack Version.

COD Mobile Hack Features
COD Mobile Hack Features

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Features in Call of Duty Mobile Hack:

  • Call of Duty Mobile Wall and Color Hack
  • Call of Duty Mobile AimBot
  • Call of Duty Mobile Unlimited CP
  • Zero Recoil

Call of Duty Mobile Hack –  Wall Hack and Color Hack:

Similar to PUBG Mobile hack in Call of Duty Mobile hack you can use the script to turn on the Wallhack and Color hack. Color Hack helps to set a primary color to Player body and a different primary color (ex: plain red, plain white, etc) to Vehicles. And then the Wall Hack allows you to see and fire enemy behind any wall, Rock, Hill, Tree or inside a building.

This hack is somehow risky to use; because firing through the obstacle or wall get easily detected by Gaming servers and your account may get a ban. Now very few people use this hack, either they prefer to use Zero Recoil Script.

Call of Duty Mobile hack – Aimbot:

Aimbot in Call of Duty Mobile Hack allows you to auto-aim to the Enemies head and you can kill the enemy player with a headshot. Distance does not matter you can easily get a headshot 400 meters long using Red Dot scope. It doesn’t matter if you aim to the head or not you just need to fire towards the enemy and bullets automatically hit the head and you get a kill with a headshot.

Call of Duty Mobile Hack Aimbot
Call of Duty Mobile Hack Aimbot

Actually, I will suggest avoiding this hacking script while you play because when you hit multiple headshots using Aimbot the Server may catch you. Because a normal player cant hit multiple headshots to kill the enemy.

Call of Duty Mobile hack – Unlimited CP:

COD Mobile CP or Call of Duty Mobile Card Points Hack; You can buy multiple items from the shop using these card points. How if you get unlimited Call of Duty Card Points? This Call of Duty Mobile Hack gives you Unlimited CP. You can use this CP to buy Guns Skins and buy your Battle Pass.

You just have to install this Call of duty Hack app in your IOS or Android Phone and then you will see the unlimited Card Points credited in your COD Mobile Account.

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Zero Recoil Hack:

This COD Mobile hack script lets you use any weapon using zero recoils. That means you can fire and kill your enemy with no recoil, if you have used any Assault rifles then you know how recoil can affect your fight.

But you can simply run this Recoil Hack Script and fire, your aim will not distract from the target and your enemy will get killed in one reload.

This Zero recoil hack is safe among all hacks because this only hit the target it is not compulsory that your aim will go to headshot only. So the server may not detect that you are using the hack.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Hack
Download Call of Duty Mobile Hack

How to Download Call of Duty Mobile hack?

  • To download this COD Mobile hack application click here.
  • Make sure you uninstall the original PUBG Mobile App.
  • Now Install the Hack application.
  • Open this app and then sign in using the guest account
  • Now open the app and play the game.

Disclaimer – We do not encourage people to use a hack or MOD Apk of any Game, This article is just for Knowledge purpose how other people are using the Hack of any Game. If you have any complaints please contact us.

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