What’s New in PUBG PC Lite Update? – Patch Note 8 Aug 2019


PUBG PC Lite Update 8 Aug:

The PUBG PC Lite Update 8 Aug is a Latest PUBG PC Lite Update Released on 8 August 2019 is really exciting. This update comes with two major points with it.

  1. 4v4 TDM Match similar to PUBG Mobile.
  2. Lite Pass with Season 1.

The 4v4 TDM Match in PUBG PC Lite Update is quite similar to PUBG Mobile mode where you can play 4v4 Team Match and kill your opponent team to win. The more and early you get kills will make your team win.

And the PUBG PC Lite Season 1 Lite Pass which is again divided into 2 types one is free and another is a prime pass. You can buy this pass by using L-Coins.

PUBG PC Lite Update Summary:

Let’s see what new in this PUBG PC Lite Update 8 Aug that is Released on 8 Aug 2019.

  • New 4v4 Team Death Match Mode
  • Season 1 Lite Pass Till 3 October 2019
  • New Game Currency L-Coins (40 for 1$)
  • Special Crate (can be purchased by L-Coins)
  • 7 Tier in Season 1 Lite Pass (Beginner, novice, Experienced, Skilled, Specialist, Expert, Survivor)
  • New Title on Lone Survivor for first 1000 Survivor Tier Players.
  • New Missions: Daily Mission, Weekly Mission, Challenge Mission.
  • New Skins and Outfits in Collectors Crate.
  • Network Optimised
  • Client Optimised
  • Increased Spawn Rate for Flare Gun

4v4 TDM – Team Death Match Mode:

You can now enjoy the PUBG Mobile Similar Mode in PUBG PC Lite now. Here you will be team up in solo, duo or squad with your enemy squad. This TDM map contains a warehouse where you and your enemy team will spawn with all weapons.

PUBG PC Lite 4v4 Mode
PUBG PC Lite 4v4 Mode

Pickup your Weapon and go for the fight. Get Quick and More Kills to win this Mode. Your K/D will be depending upon your Kill/Death/Assist Score. As this Mode is in Beta Testing so you can play the TDM Mode in only FPP mode.

Season 1 Lite Pass:

PUBG PC lite have started new Season and the season career is based on Experience points which are also known as Season Points.

This season will start on 8 August 2019 and End on 3rd October 2019.

PUBG Lite Pass Type
PUBG Lite Pass Type

This Season 1 is divided into Free and Prime Membership with respective Rewards, similar to PUBG Mobile. You can buy This Pass using L-Coins which may cost you 40 L-coins for $1. To know more about L-Coins click here

7 Tiers in Season 1:

There are total 7 Tier or Levels divided in this Season Lite Pass. The respective Tiers are as follows:

  • Beginner Tier – 5 Levels 1 to 800 Season Points
  • Novice – 5 Levels 1000 to 1800 Season Points
  • Experienced- 5 Levels 2000 to 2800 Season Points
  • Skilled- 5 Levels 3000 to 3800 Season Points
  • Specialist- 5 Levels 4000 to 4800 Season Points
  • Expert – Achieved on 5000 Season Points
  • Survivor – Achieved on 6000+ Season Points
PUBG PC Lite Pass
PUBG PC Lite Pass

You can Unlock the Lone Survivor Title in Achievements by Reaching the Survivor Tier. First 1000 Survivor Tier Players will unlock this Title.

New Mission in PUBG PC Lite Update 8 Aug:

Daily Mission:

Player Will Get 3 Daily Mission and can be changed 3 times a day. If the Mission Remains Uncompleted, then that mission will get disappear.

Weekly Mission:

Plyers will get 10 weekly Missions, (4 Free/ 6 Premium). These missions can be changed 5 times a week. If the Mission Remains Uncompleted till the end of the week, then that Mission will get disappear automatically.

Challenge Mission:

Players will get 5 Different Missions for 3 Different Weapons.

PUBG PC Lite challenge-mission
PUBG PC Lite challenge-mission

Other Updates:

  • New Special Crates added with More Outfits and Skins.
  • Flare Gun Spawn Rates have been increased.
  • Network Speed has been optimized, now your matching will be done according to your optimized network
  • Players can Optimise their game set according to their own PC environment.

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