PUBG Mobile 4X4 Team DeathMatch Update with 400 Million Downloads

4X4 Team DeathMatch Update and Big Achievement:

If you are a regular PUBG Mobile Player, then you must bookmark our website. Because you can get latest and early update news only on so bookmark now! The Latest PUBG Mobile 0.13 Patch launched 4X4 Team DeathMatch Update. This means now no need to download and play Call of Duty Now.

Along with this PUBG Mobile New Update V 0.13; PUBG Mobile Also Surpassed his old record and reached to 400 Million Download; with 50 Million Daily Active Users. As we know how PUBG Mobile dominated all games in 2018 and still a number one game in Mobile Gaming Category.

PUBG Mobile 400 Million Downloads
PUBG Mobile 400 Million Downloads

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PUBG Mobile is one of the world’s most popular mobile games, following its domination of 2018 end-of-year award shows including “Mobile Game of the Year” at the Golden Joysticks among multiple other nominations. Read the full report of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13 on official PUBG Mobile website news page here.

This is not enough to PUBG Mobile, the developers also have made game healthier in last month on behalf of Government orders in China. And they are continually working towards their Fair Game Play policy and hitting hackers every week.

4X4 Team DeathMatch in PUBG Mobile:

4X4 Team DeathMatch

Talking about the PUBG Mobile new Quick Game Play Mode 4X4 Team DeathMatch Mode. Then This mode is similar to the Game you have played in COD Mobile, and if not played then you might have seen the Counter-Strike game; Compare its quite similar to it.

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This TDM Mode may dominate other Arcade Mode and Zombie’s Mode in PUBG Mobile. Because playing in 4X4 TDM match is really fun. You get quickly respawn and ready to kill again. This is the only Mode with Zero Lag. You don’t need to heal yourself, just wait and you will get healed automatically.

There are a lot more other Updates have been launched with This (4X4 Team DeathMatch) TDM Mode. If you are willing to read them all then just visit our another article PUBG Mobile new Update 0.13 Expectation VS Reality.

PUBG Mobile Team Death Match 11 Tips to Win:

As you know the TDM or Team Death Match a PUBG Mobile Ultimate Update 0.13. In this mode, you can choose TPP or FPP mode to play and kill your enemy and score high. Today I am going to share some killer Team Death Match Tips that will help you to win the TDM Match.

This TDM Mode is time-limited if you score high than the opponent team in the meantime then you will win or if you earned 40 kills before the time ends then your victory is confirmed. As players are learning the map and playing it more and more some of them have invented some high-class tips that are given below.

Team Death Match Tips
Team Death Match Tips

Team Death Match Tips to Win:

  1. Use 2 Assault Rifle while playing, pick M416 and second M762 with red dot scope only.
  2. Never push alone push with your teammates.
  3. Keep moving while you fire.
  4. If enemy prone while firing, then try to jump and fire on his head.
  5. Take TPP or look for Enemy to come and don’t move until it comes close.
  6. Start firing before you point on the enemy while you are hiding.
  7. Never scope for close combat.
  8. Keep moving and jump while firing.
  9. If the Enemy is camping, then look for the enemy plan and push.
  10. If you take charge of the enemy camp, then whenever enemy respawns you can kill them.
  11. Never too hurry because you can get trapped in the enemy team.

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