Open Gadget Supply box COD Mobile – Mission Completed 😎😎

What is Gadget Supply box COD Mobile?

The 6th Week of Season 2 in COD Mobile has begun and there is one mission called “Open gadget supply box in battle royale” that is looking complicated, as many of us are not aware of what is this box. I was also not aware of this. But after some web surfing and trying out the same procedure I was laughing at myself.

Open Gadget Supply Box in Battle Royale
Open Gadget Supply Box in Battle Royale

The Gadget supply box is nothing but the loot boxes we found with Green and Red Color during the COD Mobile Battle Royale Match. And the mission says just to open any box once. but you might miss the Red Box; to know more follow steps given below.

How to Complete Open Gadget Supply Box Mission?

  • While you are playing the Battle Royale match try to land in Nuketown.
  • Near to the bridge, you will find one box loot that box and head towards the city using a vehicle.
  • on the Right turn, you will see two boxes with green and red color loot them too.
  • This time your Red Box is might be the Gadget Supply box. if you still want to try a search for more boxes.
  • Loot another box in the city that comes with an upgraded switch in between two boxes.
  • and by this, after the match finished I check that My missions have been completed

Note: According to one Reddit comment I read, the Red Box with Grenades and Launcher is the one we call it Gadget Supply box. You can read it here.