Snowflake Decorations Fortnite -Get 7 Secret Locations here

Snowflake Decorations Fortnite:

Winter is here and unlike Fortnite every battle royale game has launched winter events. One of them is Finding Snowflake Decorations in Fortnite and Destroying it. “Once you destroy three, you should unlock your back bling. Wear it proudly.”

But where to find the Snowflake Decorations Fortnite? Don’t worry here I have one Fortnite showing locations for Snowflake decorations in it. [Picked from]

7 Secret Locations for Snowflake Decorations Fortnite:

  • A house on the west side of Holly Hedges
  • A structure in the center of the suburb in Pleasant Park
  • A house right in the middle of Salty Springs
  • The main house in the middle of Frenzy Farm
  • A random structure between Holly and Slurpy (I only saw one snowflake there)
  • A house at the north end of Lazy Lake
  • A shop at the east side of Retail Row
Find snowflake decorations fortnite here
Find snowflake decorations fortnite here

If you are confused about how to find these locations and destroy those snowflakes decorations then here I have one tutorial from YouTube that may help you out.

You can follow these steps:

  • Land in Pleasant Park and pick an Assault rifle or any Weapon to destroy the long-distance Snowflake Decorations.
  • Then you will see a Yellow building with Snowflake decorations on window glasses.
  • You can fire a bullet to destroy them.
  • There is no need to destroy more decorations but if you wan then you will find more decorations nearby huts.
  • Be careful as this location is very popular on the web while sharing about Snowflake Decorations in Fortnite.
  • Keep enough weapons to kill your enemy too if you find any while destroying those Decorations.