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ApkPure is a very popular website that allows its users to download “.apk” and “.xapk” files without the need for Google PlayStore. There is a very genuine risk that is associated with this website, “is ApkPure Safe?”

Websites like these including Apk-dl and Apkmirror simply download the apps from Play Store and uploads the “.apk” file on their websites.

These websites are also known as third-party sources. ApkPure also recently launched its application for android phones to use it to download applications.

The application is similar to Play Store where you can search and download apps. The only difference is the Play Store doesn’t provide you the .apk file itself but the ApkPure android application provides the .apk file to install the applications.

About ApkPure – Is APKpure Safe?

ApkPure was first launched in 2014 and ever since then ApkPure continued to grow and become one of the very well known third-party websites for downloading applications. ApkPure also claims that their .apk files are completely safe. People also love this website for various reasons. Read About the APKpure website.

When the Indian government banned the TikTok app in April 2019, most people still downloaded the app through websites like ApkPure. One can download any apps that are not available on the Play Store. Most people use these kinds of websites to download premium apps and games and modded apps that are not available on Play Store at all or not available for free.

How to Install
How to Install

The free premium .apk files that these websites provide are not the original .apk files from the developer because they are edited and modded. Most people use these websites to get apps and games that are not free on Play Store or apps and games that contain in-app purchases.

Is ApkPure Safe to download apk?

Although it is not recommended to install .apk files from unknown sources due to the associated risk of viruses and malware entering your phone with it along with the possibility of getting your data stolen or hacked. So what do you think – is ApkPure safe?

However, in the case of ApkPure, this risk seems to be not a problem as ApkPure fetches the apps directly from the PlayStore when you click the install or download button on their websites which means that the .apk files they provide are original. With that being said there are some instances where one can say that ApkPure is not safe, will be the answer for is ApkPure Safe?.

  • If the application is an edited or modded .apk file because modded .apk files are not the original form of the application packages and any .apk file that has been edited or modded has the risk of containing virus or malware with it as you are not getting the original version of the application.
  • If the application is banned in your country or region. If any app is banned in your country or region then it must have been done for a reason and it is best to not install but through ApkPure you can download all apps without any restrictions.
  • In a sense, it is not safe to download applications that are banned in your country but ApkPure and other websites like these still provide the applications. This might sound helpful website/app but isn’t is illegal? and using such things may be illegal. Now let us know in the comment box what do you think about is ApkPure safe? or not.
  • If the application is restricted for underaged people. Anyone can download the .apk files of any application without any restrictions or age verification which also makes it unsafe for the underaged people because such apps are not meant to be used by them.
  • If the application itself is not safe or genuine. ApkPure provides many apps that are not available on Play Store and some of these apps could be a scam. In this case, the fault is not actually of ApkPure. One can blame this website for providing such apps but the real fault is of the developer.

ApkPure is not safe in these senses but other than that the site itself does not pose any harm or risk.

Downloading Apkpure Safe – How to use it safely?

Now that we know the answer to is ApkPure safe?, here are some further steps you can take to be extra cautious and safe while using ApkPure or websites like these.

  • Don’t use ApkPure instead use the Play Store to find and download your applications. One of the easiest ways to be safe from the risk of viruses and malware or getting your data hacked is by not using these websites at all and instead use Play Store to download and install applications because applications provided by the Play Store are 100% safe compared to ApkPure or similar websites like these.
  • Don’t download and install any application that is edited or modded. As I mentioned before that most people use websites like ApkPure to get apps and games for free or to avoid paying for the in-app purchases but we already know why it is not a good idea.
  • Make sure the application you are downloading is safe and not a scam. If you are downloading any app that is not available on Play Store, chances are that it is not a trustworthy app. So, before downloading such apps make sure they are not a threat to your device and also make sure the app is not demanding for any permission that seems suspicious.


In conclusion, now we have the answer to the question of “is ApkPure safe?”. We know that ApkPure itself is completely safe but the application provided by the site may be risky and one must be cautious of what he/she is downloading and installing.