PUBG Lite Patch Note 21 Nov – Check What’s new here?

PUBG PC Lite released a new update in form of PUBG Lite Patch Note 21 Nov 2019. You will get to see some small but exciting updates in this patch note. First of all, I am going to share their summary points and then will share the detail update.

PUBG Lite New Update Includes:

The PUBG Lite Patch note 21 Nov includes following major points:

  • New Arcade Mode – Periverka.
  • Canted Sight Update
  • Changed Camera View in TPP and FPP
  • A Rock Star Crate.

PUBG Lite Patch Note New Mode – Arcade Mode Periverka

A well-known Team Deathmatch mode or Arcade Mode has modified and improved with a new map and features.

You will see a new map in Arcade mode called the Periverka map. In this map, you will follow some different rules than in Bodie 4V4 Map.

This Periverka Mode/Map will be free for all mode; you can play only solo matches the limit of Players is fixed maximum 8 Players can play together.

To know more about this mode, you need to go through the following guide I have shared and read it carefully to know the rules and tricks to win the gameplay.

How to Play in Periverka?

The main gameplay intention is to kill the enemies and win the match, Player reaching 20 Kills first will be called as Winner. You can play it in any mode FPP/TPP.

To start playing this mode you need to follow this path:

At the lobby, select PLAYARCADE MATCHOPTIONPERIVERKAConfirm, then START. And before you start playing just have a look over game rules and map overview.

How to Play Periverka
How to Play Periverka

After Playing this Periverka Mode in PUBG Lite Patch Note 21 Nov please comment to let us know your opinion on this new model.

Tip: Play 10 Matches in Periverka and win 15 Chicken Medals (Till 25th Nov)

Rules of the game:

  • There are two different areas of playing “Starting Sector” and “War Zone”.
  • In Starting Sector, you will get 90 secs to choose your Gun and Ammo and Armour
  • In War Zone, you will get enemies, Ammo, and Boosters no other gun will be provided.
  • Once the match has begun each player will be randomly spawned in the War Zone and you need to fight.
  • The Game will end if:
    • Game Time over 10 Minutes
    • Highest Kill Reached: 20 Kills
  • Your health will start recovering automatically 7 secs after the last gunshot.
  • The player will be Revive after 5 secs with 2 secs invincibility.
  • You will respawn/revive with the same gun and Ammo you had before you got killed.

How to Win this Game?

  • Play it carefully the building is so open that you can get spot any time.
  • Reach to maximum kills or the max limit of 20 kills.
  • Pick up the Groza or Aug from Supply Tower as shown in the image to fight better.
  • If you die after obtaining the supply tower weapon, you will respawn equipped with the same weapon.

Rewards for the Winner:

  • Kill Reward: 5 BP per Kill
  • Rank Rewards: 1st Rank 80 BP, 2nd Rank 50 BP, and 3rd Rank 30 BP.
  • If you leave the game in between you will not get any rewards.

Other Updates – Canted Sight Update:

The Canted Sight was already in PUBG Lite but in PUBG Lite Patch note 21 Nov it is optimized for when Shooting and while Character is in motion.

Canted Sight Optimized
Canted Sight Optimized

Added new Crosshair to identify whether you are using Main Scope or Canted Sight Scope. That is + sign for Main scope and x sign for Canted Sight.

FPP Camera has been Adjusted:

This is mighty odd for PUBG games, while in Call of duty they allow us to choose the view. Now from this PUBG Lite Patch note 21 Nov update, you will see a better Field vision and the Weapon has moved forwarded.

FPP Mode View Adjusted
FPP Mode View Adjusted

You can check this difference in the images. I think PUBG Must give this option to choose what we want. Because in FPP Mode the View is everything.