Get 600 UC in Season 12 PUBG Moible Royale Pass


As you can check the Thumbnail and title is saying Get 600 UC in season 12 this is true!! Yes, you can earn 600 UC in your PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass.

How to Get 600 UC in Season 12?

This condition mentioned in the title is only valid when you have the Season 12 Royale Pass and for that, you have to buy the Royale Pass and increase your RP Level to get your UC back.

Don’t worry if you have no money I will help you with that too just keep reading.

Get upto 30000 Worth Items in 600 UC
Get up to 30000 Worth Items in 600 UC

For Eg: Your Royale pass will cost you 600 UC and you can get your all 600 UC back by increasing your RP level during the period of Season 12.

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This is not enough but when you Purchase some UC to buy the Royale Pass you will get some UC Purchase Bonus along with 600 UC in Season 12. Check out the image below for the UC Purchase Bonus

UC Purchase bonus in Season 12
UC Purchase bonus in Season 12

Have No Money? don’t worry Follow these Steps:

  • We have some money earning tricks you can read them here -> PUBG Mobile Money Hack
  • Follow the trick given below to earn extra money.

The trick below is about earning money from a website that gives you money in your online wallet like Paypal and Paytm when you do little work for them. Follow some simple steps given below.

  • Sign up on the DLupload website.
  • Pick any trending app or Video or Image and upload it here.
  • copy the download link and share it anywhere possible. This website will pay you when anybody downloads that app or video.
  • The Payment rate is 5$ for 1000 Download.
  • You can withdraw your payment in Paypal or Paytm. Check the website for other options.

Tip: To purchase a PUBG Mobile Royale Pass you will need 600 UC that will cost you $10 to $11 and there is on the limit that you can earn here. Once you earn this money withdraw in your wallet and then keep the extra money for you because you can use the 600 UC Refund for purchasing the next royale pass.


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