Where is Brothers in Arms in PUBG Mobile? – Release Date?

The PUBG Mobile Update 0.17 has been released but still, the feature called Brothers in Arms is yet to release. The updated trailer showed us that the Brothers in Arm feature has been released on 3rd March but as you can check in your Game by Clicking on the Friends option there is no option available like “Brothers in Arms”.

This is confirmed that till 8th March this feature has not been added let’s move ahead and hope this feature will be added with the Royale Pass Season 12 that is on 9th March  2020. I think so because there is only one chance where PUBG Mobile can add this feature later that is the 12th of March. But on 12th March lots of other events are coming like Amusement Park Fun.

How to Play Brothers in Arms?

When this feature will be available, then you will be able to play this feature only in Classic Mode. There will be 2 categories of Players like Veteran and Rookie where the Veteran will be the teacher and Rookie will be the Newbee.

Who can become a Veteran?

Any Experienced player playing the PUBG Mobile game can become a Veteran by just reaching the Gold V tier. Then you can Lead the new “Rookie” Players.

  • Veterans will be rewarded with Coupon Scraps on Daily Missions
  • A Permanent Title will be given
  • The new badge of “Special Trainer” will get unlocked
Become a Veteran in Brothers in Arms
Become a Veteran in Brothers in Arms

Many more things may get unlocked with the update lets hope for the best.

Who can become a Rookie?

Any New Player or Old Player who hasn’t reached to ACE tier and currently owning any tier form Bronz V to Crown I. There are no such rewards for a  Rookie player.

Become a Rookie in Brothers in Arms
Become a Rookie in Brothers in Arms

This feature is just made by keeping one thing in mind -> New Player will join this game and learn from Experienced Players, and Experienced Players will get Rewards by teaching the Rookie Players.

You will get an option to choose and become a Veteran or a Rookie it’s totally up to you to choose the option and play PUBG Mobile Brothers in Arms.

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