How did I Move to Phoenix OS from PUBG Mobile Emulator [Phoenix Vs TGB]

Phoenix Vs TGB:

Many of Us are using Tencent Gaming Buddy and they are happy with that. I have no problem if your system is supporting that emulator. but remember there is another system on which you can play PUBG Mobile Game on your PC. The Big Reason Why I Move to Phoenix OS from PUBG Mobile Emulator is the Game Lag and System and Emulator Interface.

This is Why I Suggest Everyone That, You can also install an android system to your pc or laptop. This will not only help you to play the game on pc but your game will not lag at a crucial time while taking battle in the gameplay. I am also using an android system name Phoenix only for playing pubg seamlessly on my laptop.

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Phoenix OS Vs Tencent Gaming buddy: 

  1. Phoenix OS  is an Android System and TGB is An Emulator.
  2. You Can use Phoenix OS  as a Secondary System same like your Mobile phone on your PC. Whereas TGB is a Setup where you need to Run within your Windows System.
  3. You can Install Phoenix OS  at lower Configuration and use it as a primary OS. Whereas TGB needs More Ram and Graphic Card.
  4. You can Play Pubg Mobile Game at High Graphics Setting in Phoenix OS than TGB.
  5. Using Phoenix OS do not Cause PC Heating. Whereas TGB Needs to Run within your Windows Need More power and Produce Heat.
  6. You can play and Work or use WhatsApp in Phoenix OS. Whereas TGB is Just for Gaming.

I Also Tried Other Softwares:

Earlier I was using Bluestack Software but it takes a lot of RAM and Make my System too hot. Heating and Game Lag lead me to download and play PUBG on Tencent Gaming buddy Emulator. Later While I was using Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator it was nice at starting and the game was running very smoothly without any lag. Game ping was also ok and Internet speed helped me very well to maintain my game ping. I hope this will help you to go for Phoenix OS from PUBG Mobile Emulator as I did.

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pheonix os

But the main problem starts when you take a battle and you are pushing to your enemy or some other team pushed on your team. And imagine what Tencent Emulator lags too much and sometimes game crash because of that ambush. This stage of gaming was so eating and So I moved to The Android OS in my Laptop.

Download Phoenix OS Here!!

Phoenix os Help you to play the game as you play in your mobile but its good to play pubg on the big screen using keyboard and mouse. Same Interface, Same graphics even better with low system configuration also. Phoenix os helps you to play the game at any setting, you can push your enemy team. Can save yourself with the enemy attack as it does not lag or crash during such conditions.

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