why pubg mobile lags?

Reason Why Your PUBG Mobile LAGs:

  • low-end devices

Low-end devices include high-end devices, which can utilize traditional Linux operating systems (OS) such as Linux, and low-end devices, which lack a stringent resource, for example, very limited memory, Computational power, and power supply.

  • Network issue

PUBG “Internet Error” occurs when you can not connect to the server that you need to connect to play the game.

  • Game Internal issue

After an update, new maps can be loaded or cached for the game to run smoothly after the first gameplay. Every app produces cache, it can increase the display on the phone as well as in computers. The interval issue has been fixed at 90%. But the game still lags behind due to no reason. 1 and 2. However, decrease ur graphics in medium settings. It can work. And if you have a high-end device then enable the option of angling.

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