How to Play pubg mobile without lag?

If you are suffering from the lagging problem, which means that if you do tap or do anything then your pills are not firing at the right time, then you need to solve the issues.

PUBG offers a lot of control over the game’s optimization. You can access these controls by going to the settings menu, which you can get by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

Then, open the ‘Graphics’ tab. If you do not know how to access this menu, we’ve added a screenshot below.

pubg mobile graphic settings

First of all, set the graphics to ‘Smooth’. It will set the graphics in-game to the lowest and possibly cut the render distance. In return, this will make the game very good by increasing your FPS and reducing any gaps.

The setting of ‘style’ does not make much difference to the game. However, you should still set it in NO style. You can test for yourself whether it improves the game.

Set the ‘Frame Rate’ setting to below. You are probably thinking that setting it on high makes sense. Reducing the frame rate will reduce the number of essential resources in the game, which can reduce heat and battery consumption!

Finally, you can choose to enable auto-adjust graphics. This setting will automatically reduce game settings so that it can be run faster.

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