PUBG Mobile New Update – Tencent Gaming Restricted Kids to Play in China – Recent Update

Whats in PUBG Mobile New Update?

As per the old post, I have written that China has given notice to some gaming companies to either add gaming limitation or they will ban the gameplay in China.

This made Tencent Gaming company which is one of the top gaming company to take a decision and Tencent is on its way to Launch a new Technology to restrict Game Time for Kids in China. It is also possible that if the technology gets succeed then all countries with PUBG Mobile Gamer may Push Tencent to launch the same feature globally.

Tencent Gaming Restricted Kids to Play in China:

As per News : Tencent Gaming is working on Limited time Game Play in China games using facial recognition technology for Kids under age 13. forbs

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Why This Happened?

Official warnings over the dangers and calls for tighter regulation seemed to gain pace after Chinese media reported in February that a 15-year-old game-addicted boy in central China bludgeoned and strangled a woman to death. State-run Xinhua news agency said the boy told police he wanted to know whether the killing was “as easy and fun” as in video games. News 18

That’s Why Tencent Taken This Action:

“Under pressure from local regulators, Tencent introduced restrictions in July 2017 to limit under-12s to one hour of gameplay a day and 13- to 18-year-olds to a maximum of two hours,”.

The Beeb reports. “Last month, the company added a real-name registration system to encourage players to keep to the rules. The facial-recognition test appears to be a further effort to discourage young players from trying to circumvent the time limits.”

If it is true, and given China’s earlier adoption of some loot box rules and it seems that it is rethinking its approval process, we could soon see strict regulations, or even a ban, on loot boxes in one of the world’s largest gaming markets.

Other Games News:

On September 6, the company announced a new system for identifying minors and limiting their daily playtime. Seven out of ten internet users – or 560 million people – are gaming in China, Newzoo, a research company.

In response, Tencent has set up a measure of “anti-dependence” for the “honor of Kings “, one of its own blockbusters, to limit the play time of Chinese teenagers to two hours a day and less than 12 hours per hour.

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So this was it for today in this Update, Stay tuned for the upcoming news on PUBG Mobile New Update which will be announce in between 10 to 18 March.

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