Is PUBG mobile free?

Widely popular playerUnknown’s Battleground is now available on mobile. The mobile version of PUBG was developed in collaboration with the mobile giant company Tencent.

PUBG Mobile is a free game. But you should remember that they include in-game buying, so Tencent is earning enough money from that. One of my friends bought a premium feature (i.e. some cool clothes) for RS. 2000 There are so many players who are buying it daily.

So Tencent is earning a good amount. And PUBG Mobile is also an ad-supported game. You are paying the developers indirectly by seeing those advertisements. Developers earn enough money from in-game ads to download games for free.

Some games also have an option of disabling ads that pay premiums to make it completely ad-free, in that case, when you are paying directly to developers.

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