PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13 – [Expectation vs Reality]

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13:

Hi PUBG Mobile Army, as we were waiting for the moment of update and update is here. PUBG Mobile was done an unexpected thing today. They Updated PUBG Mobile before the time, usually, PUBG Mobile is updated in between 19 to 21 of every month. And now we have PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13. Let’s see what is in this early update.

As I said PUBG Mobile schedule their update in the second or third week of every month; actually, there is a minimum 28 days’ gap between every update. And this time today on 11th June 2019 they made another history of releasing the PUBG Mobile New Update before the time. You can update your game in between 11 to 19 June but the point is will you wait for that? Reality is I will not!!

Actually, we all were expecting something new at least this time in this PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13. But I don’t think PUBG Mobile have fulfilled our expectation. As usual PUBG Mobile, this Update is going to be shit, and we have to wait for the next update.

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I think just because of the releasing date of Godzilla Movie and PUBG X Godzilla crossover PUBG Mobile Released this update ASAP. But what about the new things? What about bugs and glitches? What about hackers? Or you will just think of Money!!!

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13 Notification
PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13 Notification

 What is in PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13:

  • The PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13 Size is – 1.98 GB for Android and 2.45 GB for IOS.
  • Team DeathMatch Mode. (TDM)
  • New Achievements for TDM
  • Footprints in Vikendi Map.
  • Climbing Button Added to Menu.
  • Godzilla theme in Lobby.
  • Charisma Ranking. (in other words Attractive Ranking Rewards)
  • Added 4 New Zombies.
  • Factories Replaced with Police Station.
PUBG Mobile Update 0.13 Size
PUBG Mobile Update 0.13 Size

Read the full report of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13 on official PUBG Mobile website news page here.

Not in PUBG Mobile Update 0.13:

The PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13 is of around 2 GB for Android and 3 Gb for IOS. You need to make some space to update this version before the 19th of June 2019.

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode
PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

A new gaming mode has been added in EVO Ground in PUBG Mobile. This Team Deathmatch mode is similar to the Call of duty 5 V 5 mode. You can team up with 4 players and play against another team of 4 players just like the Counter strike.

More you kill the opponent more your chance to win the match. This is a limited time mode and limited map mode. You will spawn with weapons and then you need to kill the enemy as fast as you can.

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TDM Mode has separate achievements that you can see in your achievement section to compete them and unlock exciting rewards.

You can now climb in PUBG Mobile; new Button is added in the menu. You can use that button to climb when you jump from one building to another building. Let’s see how we can use this button in more different ways.

Now you can see footprints of players and vehicles on the ice in Vikendi map in this PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.

Traces in Vikendi ICE
Traces in Vikendi ICE

A new Godzilla theme is added in PUBG Mobile Lobby.

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In Dark Night Mode new 4 zombies have been added and they have different effects, actions, and damage in this zombie’s mode. Some Factories in zombie’s mode have been replaced with Police Station.

Conclusion on PUBG Mobile Update 0.13:

If we compare pointwise, then PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13 has more points. But if we actually read them all and compare both then this PUBG Mobile Update will look like shit. What we were expecting is not in this early update. But let’s try this time and see if PUBG Mobile Removes Hackers, bugs, and Glitches.

Because the biggest competitor or PUBG is waiting outside to rule this gaming world. If PUBG Mobile fails in removing game glitches, bugs, and Hackers; then Call of duty Mobile will attract PUBG Mobile Audience. And it may happen that COD Mobile will become the No. 1 Game this year.

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