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Boom Beach Free Download IOS, Android, PC and MOD Apk

Boom Beach Game:

Boom Beach is a Freemium Multiplayer Strategy Game similar to Clash of Clans. Boom Beach is also developed by Supercell and was Globally released on 26 March 2014. You can Play this Game on IOS Device, Android Device, on your PC by using some Emulator software for PC.

The Boom Beach game is quite similar in Gameplay to Clash of Clans game just one difference is Boom Beach game is Advance level war. You fight with your enemy with new high tech warriors and Weapons. For more watch, the trailer is given below.

Boom Beach Gameplay:

So here in Boom Beach, you start with a basic Camp or Base with your Headquarter which is similar to the Town Hall in COC. You have to build your base in such a way that you should defend your Headquarter. You will get a free tutorial while you start the game playing. There is one commander who will guide in the initial phase.

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Then you can train your troops and send them for attacking the enemy base you choose. Here is some difference with the gameplay with COC. You take a fighter ship with you by which you can destroy or damage any place of the enemy using a missile, and then send your troops.

There are more than 10 types of troop categories which you can train and use them to fight.

Boom Beach Troops

Boom Beach Troops

  • Rifleman:- This is the very first troop you get and have very moderate HP, Damage and Attack.
  • Heavy:- This Troop unlocks at level 2 Headquarter and has very high Hitpoints but low damage. You can use this troop to soak heat points and save other troops like Rifleman.
  • Zooka:- This Troop Unlock at Headquarter Level 5 and has Very Long range, High Damage but Very Low HP.
  • Warrior:- This Troop Unlock at level 8 Headquarter and uses melee attacks rather than guns. Has Moderate HP and Damage with high speed than other troops.
  • Tank:- This Troop Unlock at Level 11 Headquarter and is the slowest one, but has very high HP and damage at a moderate level.
  • Medic:- This Troop is a doctor type do not deal damage to the enemy base. You can unlock this troop at Headquarter level 15 and it will help your troop in healing and increasing their life during fight.
  • Grenadier:- This is really very useful Trop Unlock at Headquarter Level 16 have high HP and Damage but the aim is not really good.
  • Scorcher:- This is a very high power Flame gun Tank with High HP high Damage and unlocks at level 18 Headquarter.
  • Cryoneer:- This troop is unlocked at Headquarter Level 20 and it does not damage the enemy troop but as it fires Snow Beams the enemy Movement gets Slow down by 50%

System Requirement for Boom Beach:

Before you like this game and download and play this game on your Mobile or PC just check out some system Requirements for this game Boom Beach.

System Requirements for Mobile:

  • Android Version 4 and Above
  • Minimum Ram 1 GB
  • Minimum Storage 1 GB
  • 5 inches Screen
  • High-Speed Internet

How to Play Boom Beach on PC?

You can Play this Boom Beach on PC or Laptop by using a software called Emulator. The most Popular Emulator now a day is Tencent Gaming Buddy you can install it and then download the game on your PC and run it in the Emulator.

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But this procedure takes high PC Configuration and internet Speed and also difficult to install these games. Another simple way is to install the Android OS on your PC as a Secondary System.

Boom Beach on PC

Boom Beach on PC

System Requirement for Android OS on PC:

  • 16 GB HDD Space
  • Intel or AMD processor made around 2012 or later, preferably an Intel Atom processor.
  • Supportive 2 GB RAM or More
  • NVIDIA or AMD Graphic 2 GB (Not Necessary but useful for high-end games)

 How to Install Phoenix OS (Android OS) on PC?

  • Visit official Website of Phoenix OS and download the setup
  • Install the Setup as we install the OS.
  • More check out this article to know in detail. – How to Install Phoenix OS?
  • Then login into Phoenix OS and set up the Android OS as we set up our New Mobile Phone.

To install Boom Beach just open Play Store search for Boom Beach and install it. Open the Game and enjoy Boom Beach on your PC.

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