PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update V 0.13.5 Leaks – Releasing on – 16 July 2019

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update:

The PUBG Mobile Season 7 is up to its last moment, and the new PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update is expected to come on 16th of July 2019. As the CEO of PUBG Mobile has been changed now let’s see could they fulfil their Fan Expectation or not.

Here I am going to share some update leaks from the Beta testing version of PUBG Mobile. Some of these updates might come to the PUBG Mobile New Update V 0.13.5 or may not. Because the New SMG Gun called Bizon was expected to come in the last update but it is expected to come now.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update
PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update

What to Expect in PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update?

  • New DP-28 Skin
  • New Scar-L Skin
  • New Bizon SMG Gun
  • Power of the Ocean Theme
  • New Avatar of new Themes
  • Name Tag for conqueror Player
Season 8 Blue Royale Pass
Season 8 Blue Royale Pass

This is it for now if there are some more leaks to be shared with you then I will definitely share it in the next article. Stay tuned for the Real update and subscribe to our website so that you will not miss the detail update.

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As per other PUBG Mobile Seasons, this Season 8 is going to be unique. You will get your 600 UC Refunded when you reach the 70th Level of your Royale Pass season. If you are willing to get the Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile Season 8 for Free then follow the link given below.

New DP-28 Skin:

A unique and first ever skin for Machine Gun is going to be launched in PUBG Mobile. The new theme in PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update is of Power of Ocean and so we will see the DP-28 Gun in Blue ocean coloured skin.

Season 8 DP Skin
Season 8 DP Skin

This colour is expected to come in Paid Royale Pass but there are some chances that the Skin might go to Lucky Spin or Lucky Drop.

New Scar-L Skin:

The very old and popular Assault Rifle Scar-L is well-known Gun for us, and many of us might have at least one skin of Scar-L. This is not a new thing to have something new in the AR like Scar-L which is quite replaced by M146 AR.

Season 8 New Scar L Skin
Season 8 New Scar L Skin

If you want to earn skins for any gun, then Subscribe to our website and check out other articles. We keep updating some tricks and tips for Free skins and UC.

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New SMG Gun Bizon:

The new SMG gun “Bizon” with Maximum Reload Capacity of 50 bullets in Mag. This gun will use 9 MM bullets ammo, and in attachments, only Mag, muzzle, and Scopes will be useful. Because of its Magazine structure, this gun does not use any kind of Foregrip Attachments.

New SMG Gun Bizon
New SMG Gun Bizon

Bizon is already added to the beta version of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.5, now it’s up to PUBG Mobile to launch it on Global version or not.

Power of Ocean theme:

I don’t know what is Power of Ocean but if you guys have any idea please let me know in the comment box. I hope it might be any new Game collaboration/Crossover with PUBG Mobile. Because there is no movie with the same name.

Power of the Ocean Theme
Power of the Ocean Theme

The Power of Ocean blue theme is very cool, and hopefully, some cool kinds of stuff may get added in the vikendi map. If this theme is about Godzilla, then in the Power of Ocean we might get to see the Godzilla walking in the Erangel Ocean.

The New theme has some new Avatar and Profile Frames which you can unlock and buy using UC in the New PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update.

Avatar Frames
Avatar Frames

Name Tag for Conqueror:

In the PUBG Mobile Season 8 Update, there is another new thing expected, that is Players above Crown level will be awarded some epic Name Tag. As per shown in the image below you might get to see the Permeant name tag for all players above Crown Level.

PUBG Mobile Name Tag
PUBG Mobile Name Tag

The Name tags will be somehow like these.

  • For Crown Player: Silver Box title
  • For ACE Player: Golden Box title
  • For Conqueror Player: Golden Box title with Crown on it.

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