PUBG Mobile Returner Event- How to Get Exciting Offers?

PUBG Mobile Returner Event:

The PUBG Mobile Return Event is only for those who don’t play PUBG Mobile offer. Like if you one of those who play thrice a month then you can get this event offers. Once this event is started then you can redeem the Rewards by Playing it for 7 days and unlocking the Rewards. You can redeem those rewards within the 30 days of your login day.

Welcome Message in PUBG Mobile Returner Event
Welcome Message in PUBG Mobile Returner Event

But what if you are a regular player and you also want to earn those similar rewards. Then you may have to stop playing for more than 7 days. For example, if you log out your PUBG Mobile account and did not login for 7 to 9 days then when your login on the 10th day you will get the PUBG Mobile Returner Event in your PUBG Mobile Event Section.

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I know you cannot stop yourself from playing PUBG Mobile Especially when the season is going to end and you have to earn the Remaining Royale Points. But you can try a fake account or guest account to play for that 7 to 9 days. But Remember do not even login into your Game if you want to earn the PUBG Mobile Returner Event.

How it looks when you Login:

When you log in after 10 Days as I log in using my fake account and it has shown me a window some like you can see in the image below. This image is having some message like “Let your Friends know You are back!!” and I can tell them by clicking the button given Above image.

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PUBG Mobile Returner Event Startup Rewards
PUBG Mobile Returner Event Startup Rewards

The day when I login back I got rewarded with 600 BP, 600 Exp, and 10 Activity Stars. Which I can redeem later those start for unlocking some exciting stuff.

Epic Skins in PUBG Mobile Returner Event:

The final option or the Final rewards in PUBG Mobile Returner Event (Returner Mission) are 3 skins which are given below.

  1. The Skulls Skull Set
  2. The Skulls Shadow Set
  3. Desert Camo – S12K
PUBG Mobile Returner Event Epic Rewards
PUBG Mobile Returner Event Epic Rewards

One out of these 3 skins are epic skins and you will get only one Skin at the end of earning 500 Activity Stars. Once you complete all mission and log in daily you will get some rewards like given below.

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SRActivity Star PointsRewards
11001 PUBG Crate Coupon Scrap
22001 PUBG Crate Coupon Scrap
33001 PUBG Crate Coupon Scrap
4400PUBG Mobile Rename ID
5500Any, one of the Epic Set from those 3 Given above

There is the first-day Warmup Mission where you need to complete 1 classic and 1 Arcade Match to earn the Activity Stars, Exp points and some BP. But you can come for the next 4 days and login and play the missions given. There are lots of Activity points and BP will be given when your login continuously for 7 days.

If you Play all mission in Warmup and then log in for the next 4 days, then you will get approx. 500 Activity Star Points and these are enough to unlock all rewards given in Returner Mission.

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Similarly, by Login Daily for 8 Day, you will get some rewards that are mention in the image below.

Days loginRewards
Day 11 Classic Coupon Scrap
Day 2200 BP
Day 35 Silver
Day 4300 BP
Day 52 Classic Coupon Scraps
Day 6500 BP
Day 72 Heroes Crate
Day 81 Parachuter Set (for 7 days)

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