Clash Royale – Pass Royale Season 1 – Ends in 34 Days

Clash Royale – Pass Royale Season 1:

Finally, Clash Royale has launched Royale Pass Season similar to PUBG Mobile which is known as Clash Royale – Pass Royale Season 1. This is the first ever Royale Season of Clash Royale which is divided into two parts free and Paid. You can buy this Pass of Season 1 in INR 399/- only.

If you wish to unlock Tower Skins New Fisher Men Character, then you can buy this Clash Royale – Pass Royale Season 1. There are so many new things in this new Patch update that you can experience while playing.

If you have to skip playing the Clash Royale game, then I definitely sure that you will start playing this game again once you see the Royale Pass Rewards. When you play the number of crowns you win will be collected in Pass to unlock the Level. There are total 34 levels for this and this first season will end in 34 Days.

Clash Royale – Pass Royale Season 1 Content:

  • Only available in Season 1: The Flood!
  • Shark Tank Tower Skin
  • Exclusive Emote

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Note: Once unlocked, you will keep them forever, but they can only be earned this Season!

Pass Royale Includes
Royale Pass Includes

Pass Royale Perks in Clash Royale:

When You Buy Royale Pass You Instantly Unlock Following:

  • An exclusive Royale Pass Player golden name
  • Unlimited re-entries for Special Challenges
  • You can Queue your Next Chest and don’t worry about time loss.
  • Lightning Strikes for all Pass Royale chests.
Pass Royale Season 1 Rewards
Royale Pass Season 1 Rewards

How Does Pass Royale Work?

With this Pass, simply by playing and earning Crowns, you will progress through Pass Royale tiers and unlock new rewards and Crown Chests. There are two different types of Pass one is Paid for INR 399/- and another is for Free.

With Paid Pass:

There are 34 Paid and Free Tiers and It takes 10 Crowns to unlock a tier. A tier contains 1 Pass Royale reward & 1 Crown Chest.

You can unlock all tier in a day by continuously playing the game and earning Crowns. You have no timers on Reward Tier unlocks, so all you have to do is earn Crowns!

Free Pass:

Crown Chests are earned in the FREE tiers of Pass. Each tier contains 1 Crown Chest. Anyone can unlock Crown Chests and their contents!

You can’t unlock all tier in at once by continuously playing the game and earning Crowns. Every 24 hours, 1 tier will unlock. Except on weekends, when 2 tiers unlock every 24 hours! (1 tier = 1 Crown Chest).

Rules of Clash Royale – Pass Royale:

  • You can unlock your Pass Chest anytime in Paid Pass or Free Pass, so don’t worry if you missed out any of your days without playing.
  • For example, if you only play Clash Royale on the weekend, you will still have the 5 Crown Chests from Monday – Friday waiting for you to unlock!
  • The last tier of this season 1 and every upcoming season will contain a Legendary Chest instead of a regular Crown Chest! (Only for Arena 7 or higher)
  • You can earn Crowns in any game mode except Training Camp and Friendly Battles!

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How to Buy Pass Royale?

  • Open Clash Royale Game
  • Click on Pass Royale on the top bar
  • Then click on Price button INR 399/-
  • Then you will be redirected to Play Store purchase option
  • Buy the Royale through Play Store account
  • You can get Coupon Offer for INR 75/-
  • Congrats!! You have successfully bought the Pass Royale.

Some Important FAQ:

  1. What is Pass Royale?

Answer: – A Pass Royale is a time-limited Event where you can get some Extra Rewards if you Purchase the Pass. (Royale Pass unlocks unique rewards & perks. Earn Crowns to unlock reward tiers and Crown Chests!)

  1. What is Special in Paid Pass Royale?

Answer: – There are so many things that are unique in Paid Royale Pass when you buy that are given below.

  • Unique Emotes
  • Lightning Shrike to Change your Cards that you get from unlocking the Chest.
  • Tower Skins.
  • New Characters
  • Unlimited Access to Special Challenges
  • Unlock all 34 Chests at once no waiting
  • Queue your Chests while current is in progress.

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