Free Fire December Update 2019 – what’s New?

Free Fire December Update Summary:

I am surprised by this news of the New Free Fire December Update. I just enjoyed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and now before the Xmass, we have got the ultimate new Update from Free Fire. So why am I so excited about this update and what so thrilling I am going to share with you? to know this you have to stay with me and read this article.

What’s New in Free Fire December Update?

  • New Map Kalahari Desert
  • New Practice Mode and Map
  • Two new Characters
  • 4th Skill Slot allowed to use
  • New Pet
New Map for Free Fire
New Map for Free Fire

As you can see the summary of this Free Fire December Update; it looks more promising than Free Fire is not giving up the race with PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

If you have noticed the points mentioned above a new Map and Mode is introduced but it is yet to launch in Free fire. The mode is Practice mode where we all together can practice and enjoy the free time gameplay.

New Map – Kalahari Desert:

The desert Map in Free Fire December Update, here are some images found online about the new map in Free Fire named “Kalahari Desert”. This image is taken from an online source if you update your game then you can see it clearly how these maps look like.

Free Fire New Map in New Update
Free Fire New Map in New Update

Prior to this COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile also launched their new maps for the winter update but they launched the ICE map here is something different Free Fire launched the desert Map in Winter Update Lol.

Let’s hope for the best and best luck Free Fire for being in the competition with COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

New Mode with Training Island:

The new map for training, actually an Island for training. This update is yet to release and let’s see some of the websites are guessing that it’s going to feature a walled-off zone from either Bermuda or Purgatory, where players can freely practice their shooting and running.

Keeping it a little bit secret I think the free fire will create more suspense and let it be a secret so we can get another surprise till this Xmass.

Two New Characters and a Pet in Free Fire:

Two new characters in Free Fire December Update;

  • Angela
  • Alvaro
  • Pet – Robo

Here the First one Angela is quite similar to Paloma in terms of skills. Where Paloma is good to keep more ammo for AR and this Angela can carry SMG ammo a lot.

Free Fire 2 new Characters
Free Fire 2 new Characters

Where Alvaro is one who loves the explosion; Basically Alvaro talks about landmines, grenades and shooting down those nasty oil barrels. He is a bomber man or Grenade man. You can use this character for carrying more explosives.  In a way, this skill can, perhaps, become a counter to Robo’s skill when engaged in close quarters.

Coming up to the new pet, Robo, when equipped, it helps in increasing the durability of GLOO walls, which will come in handy during those intense shootouts in the last few circles.

Free Fire Character hair Style
Free Fire Character hair Style

Talking about the Shopping in Free fire: When it comes to cosmetics, Garena mentioned that there’s a new Pan skin coming out. In fact, this cosmetic addition should already be available for purchase on both the Brazillian and Indonesian servers.

The Final 4th new Skill Set has unlocked:

This Free Fire December new Update brings us a chance to carry extra skill with our character in the battleground. Now you can unlock the 4th skill set to use it in the battle.

4th Skill Slot in Free Fire
4th Skill Slot in Free Fire

According to the GamingonPhone what they said is: “We recommend you to save gold in the game to unlock the fourth character skill slot. Players can also gather those level 8/6/4 character upgrade cards via events (when offered) to use them on the skill that they would like to have in their fourth skill slot.”

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