Share Chicken Dinner and Collect Rewards

A new event by PUBG Mobile has been launched on Monday 25th Nov. In this event, you can Share Chicken Dinner and Collect Rewards. This is a small but quite interesting event by PUBG Mobile. A new concept where you can feel that you are sharing your dinner with your friends and Earning Rewards.

Types of Rewards in this Event:

  • Silver Frags
  • Parachute Skin
  • Parachute Trail
  • Backpack Skin

The Skins for Parachute and Backpack are time-limited. This is what I don’t like about PUBG Mobile they add items for a limited time and the time period is also not good enough.

How to Play the Share Chicken Dinner Event?

This event is regularly based you can complete this Share Chicken Dinner event very easily if you are a daily PUBG Mobile Player.

  • First of all, you need to go to the Event Section.
  • Then go to time-limited events and look for Chicken Dinner Event
  • Now Click on it and proceed further.
  • As you can see there is a list of Mission given on the right side, you can just play the game and complete them. Once you complete the mission come back to this event and collect your chicken dinner and share it with others by clicking on it.
About the Chicken Dinner Event
About the Chicken Dinner Event

Rules for this Event:

  • As this is time Limited Event so the time period will be – Event started on 25th Nov and will end on 3rd Dec 2019.
  • The Daily Missions are named as Recipe of the day. You need to complete the daily recipe to collect the Grilled Chicken and serve it.
  • The recipe will Refresh daily at 00 UTC. So make sure to complete it daily and use it before expiration.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction to earn rewards. You will get corresponding Rewards when you reach the specific level of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Event Rewards will be sent directly into your Inventory directly.
  • The time-limited items in Share Chicken Dinner Event like Backpack and Parachute with Turkey Skin are limited for 5 Days.