Collect Snowflakes and Win Rewards – COD Mobile Winter Event

This Winter COD Mobile launched an Event called Collect Snowflakes and Win Rewards. This Event is quite similar to the Halloween Pumpkin Collection Event. Just in the Pumpkin Collection Event Rewards were not that much attractive.

Ranking Rewards in Snowflakes Event:

  • Top 5% Players – Mechanic Camo, Backpack Camo and AK117 Camo
  • 5% to 30% Players – Mechanic Camo and Backpack Camo
  • 30 to 50% Players – Backpack Camo
  • 50% to 100% – Weapon XP Cards.

How to Collect Snowflakes?

The main rule for this event is to kill enemy and earn/ Collect Snowflakes. The more you kill the more you will get Snowflakes. Similar to the Halloween Pumpkin Collection Event.

Snowflakes Collection Missions
Snowflakes Collection Missions

Here are some tips where you can go to the top 5% Ranking and earn all Ranking rewards in Snowflakes event.

  • Prefer the battle that you are perfect in. Like I always choose Frontline Kill House in MP Mode. Here I play as a sniper and can kill 40 Enemies easily.
  • Then choose your Weapon in the Loadout according to the MP Mode maps. For example, I also like to play Hijack but here I use SMG Gun with Grenade Gun (War Machine) in my Operator Skill
  • Choose your Operator Skills wisely. Prefer to choose those Operator Skills that can only harm to enemy not you and your teammate.
  • Choose Score Streaks that get unlock with less points and can damage more. Like I use UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, and Sentry Gun. These all get unlock in under 800 Points.

Once again I will Say kill more enemies and keep yourself safe this will increase your chances to collect more Snowflakes.

Collect Snowflakes Ranking Levels
Collect Snowflakes Ranking Levels

Snowflakes Event Rules:

  • Event Duration – Started on 29 Nov and will end on 5 Dec 2019.
  • Play any mode to earn Snowflakes (Except Zombies Mode).
  • Use any gun to kill enemies and Collect Snowflakes.
  • Reach to the particular Ranking to earn that Ranking Rewards.
  • Get Particular Rewards on compeletion of some targeted Snowflakes.

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  1. These are good tips, but I still feel like I’ve been doing all of what you suggested on my own, getting my regular average of 21 kills a match, with highs and lows in between obviously, and maintaining my 4+ k/d ratio and still the max I’ve ever gotten in a match was 11…Right now I’m in the 1% with just under 800 snowflakes but to rank in the 200 spot I need at least double that…

    Any deeper advice for a more seasoned player?

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