PUBG Mobile Recall Event 2019 – Get Godzilla T-Shirt Free

PUBG Mobile Recall Event:

PUBG Mobile Recall Event is a Reminder Event to those who have not played PUBG Mobile Game for more than 7 Days. Those players who have not played and are in your contact will be shown in this event and you have to Recall them to play the game. And each player playing after your invitation will let you earn some Recall Tokens by using them you can redeem exciting Skins and Costumes.

This PUBG Mobile Recall Event has started from 25th June 2019 and will end on 14th July 2019. You can invite your friends and play with them. The best part of this event is that you can invite your friends from the Recall List and if they play then you will earn the Recall Tokens.

This is Old Recall Event to Know about Recall Event in October Month Go Here

This Recall token is available in Global version of PUBG Mobile so don’t worry you don’t need to use any VPN technique. But I will recommend you if you use VPN then please don’t play any Classic Match because PUBG Mobile Servers are stricter than before. If you caught using any third party application or VPN then your ID may get Ban and you know how hard it is to earn such PUBG Mobile ID again.

Recall Event Global Rewards
Recall Event Global Rewards

Well if you know there is one another event started by PUBG Mobile for the USA, France Players called Summer Challenge; Which was started on 24th June and will end on the 7th of July 2019. If you want to know how you can participate and Win Permanent Skins for Kar98 and SCAR-L then go for the link below.

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How to Play Recall Event?

  • Open PUBG Mobile Game
  • Go to Event and then you will see three Event Tabs there (Themed – Time Limited – Recall Event)
  • Go to Recall Event and You will see your Team Mates at the bottom and a Recall Button Below each.
  • Click on the Recall button and Invite your friend by login into Facebook.
  • If you don’t see any player that means, there is no player in your list who have not played PUBG Mobile from 7 Days or More.
  • Don’t worry you can still share your Invitation Code on Facebook and if anybody clicks on your link and login then you can earn Recall Tokens.
  • Then you can redeem these Recall Tokens in Redemption Store in Exchange with Godzilla T-shirt, Gidora Cap, Crate Coupons, Silver Coins, etc.
PUBG Mobile Recall Event Redemption Store
PUBG Mobile Recall Event Redemption Store

Rules of PUBG Mobile Recall Event:

  • Players who use your Invite Code should have not played for the last 7 days or more.
  • Each Recall Mission can be completed 15 times. That means 15 of your friends who are eligible for Recall Event Can Complete these Recall Mission for you and each time you will earn Recall tokens.
  • Each Recalled Player can help you complete Each Recall Mission only once.
  • There is another Goal Rewards section called Assemble where Global Records of players who have not played PUBG Mobile Game from 7 Days is given. On each Record, there is a special item for all players. You can get them when the Global Records break one by one. (Similarly like PUBG PC Lite India Pre-Registration Event for More you can check the link below.)

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  • There is a limit in Redemption Store to Redeem any kind of item, for example, you can redeem the Godzilla T-shirt only one time; where you can Redeem silver coins 200 Times.
  • If you fail to Redeem the Recall token within the Event Period, then the Unused Recall tokens will be converted into BP.
Rules for PUBG Mobile Recall Event
Rules for PUBG Mobile Recall Event

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