PUBG Mobile Lag Fix – Using GFX tool – No Ban Trick!!!

Are you just frustrated with PUBG Mobile Lag? Same I was, But this PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Trick Made me so much happy that Even with my Xiaomi Mi a3 with 4GB Ram 64 GB Rom I can Play PUBG Mobile on Ultra Frame Rate without Lag.

These two Android Apps helped me to Fixt My PUBG Mobile Lag and improve the Gaming Speed with my Regular Phone.

Most of the PUBG Mobile Players don't have Gaming Mobile and so this trick is really going to help them.Click To Tweet

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Without Buying OnePlus 7 with 6BG RAM

Now no need to buy an OnePlus 7 for ₹32000 you can enjoy the same gaming experience in ₹13,000 Mobile with these 2 apps in your Mobile.

Let’s get started with PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Setup and how to set up these two Mobile apps and then you can try to play PUBG Mobile on your Phone. Please note these apps may not support Mobiles having Less than 4GB Ram.

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The GFX Tool Setting:

Just observe the settings in the image below. If you use the Extreme Frame Rate then it means you are playing PUBG Mobile at 60 FPS.

Using the GFX Tool can be harmful to your PUBG Account. As it is not permitted by Tencent. But if your Mobile is not compatible without GFX then use the GFX tool because its the same to get a ban if you cant play PUBG Mobile without the GFX tool.Click To Tweet

But before using the GFX tool my mobile was showing only a High frame rate setting. And even though I used it my mobile used to heat a lot. with the same lag in the game.

After Using GFX Tool Setting
After Using GFX Tool Setting

Then I watched some videos and try these GFX Tool settingsyou will find them below. Then whenever I want to Play PUBG Mobile I just start these 2 Apps and Launch the game.

Step 1: Download The GFX Tool from The Google Playstore.

Step 2: Now open the tool and select your current PUBG Mobile Game Version “for ex: 0.18.x(Global)” at the current time.

The GFX Tool App Settings
The GFX Tool App Settings

Step 3: Then automatically you will see a setting window just do these setting changes as shown below:

GFX Tool Setting

Rendering Quality Low
Texture QualityDefault
Effect QualityDefault
Improvements for EffectsDefault
Objects LOD DistanceDefault
Foliage LOD Distance Default
Color FormatDefault
Detail ModeDefault
Light EffectsDisable
Graphics APIDefault
GPU OptimizationEnable (You can keep it Disable – Your choice)
Sound QualityDefault
Save Controls Enable

Now just Click on Accept Button and close the App. Let’s move towards next Tool The Game Mode then we will launch the PUBG Mobile game and test the Performance.

You can use the GFX Tool only to PUBG Mobile Lag Fix, only if your Mobile supports Notification and Call Block system while Playing PUBG Mobile.

The Game Mode Settings:

This App will help you to Block, Notifications, Rejects Calls, And Whatsapp Calls. I recommend using this App because while Playing PUBG Mobile Game I often died just because of some WhatsApp message or any YouTube Notification.

If your Mobile supports Notification blocking System then you can Skip this App and go direct for only The GFX Tool.

Step 1: Download The Game Mode From Playstore and open it.

Step 2: Then this App will guide through Tutorial just skip that and click on the “Blue +” Button.

Step 3: Then Select the PUBG Mobile Game from the List and click on Save.

Step 4: Now you will see two options with PUBG Mobile one is Play Button Setting Button.

The Game Mode App Settings
The Game Mode App Settings

Step 5: Click on the Setting Button and follow the settings given below:

The Game Mode Settings

Clear Background AppsDo not use this option. Do it Manually to clear all recent apps before playing PUBG Mobile. Because if you use it then The GFX Tool may not work.
WiFiDo Nothing – If you need to Use it manually
Disable Auto-BrightnessTurn it on and Set a Brightness bar you need for the Game.
Change Ringtone VolumeDon’t change it
Change Media volumeDon’t Change it (You have a button to do it manually)
Auto Call reject CallTurn it ON
Block Whatsapp CallsTurn It ON
Notification BlockingTurn it ON – Most Important feature

Keep the Rest Setting as it is, You just need to use the main settings like Notification Blocking, Call Rejection, and Brightness. Now close all Recent apps.

Now Open The GFX Tool first and select your Game version then click on the Accept button. Those who are not using the Game Mode app can click on the Run Game option in GFX Tool.

Now open The Game Mode App and Click on The Play Button near PUBG Mobile Game and Your game will start. Once your game is started please go to the Graphics Settings and check if the Extreme Settings has been applied or not.

Warning: Do not change anything in the PUBG Mobile Graphic Settings. This will affect the GFX tool settings and then your Game may not work properly without lag.

Close Game Mode App
Close Game Mode App

Note: After your game is finished then make sure you close The Game Mode App running in the background, you will see it in the Notification bar with X mark to close.