Battlefield V-Firestorm Gameplay Tips [Top 10 Tricks]

Firestorm Getting Started Gameplay Tips

Battlefield V-Firestorm Gameplay Tips:

As you all know about Firestorm the Ultimate Battle Field Game for PC and PlayStation. If you are not aware of This Game Please Read: Battlefield V Firestorm Game. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Firestorm top Gameplay Tips.

Top ten Good Gameplay Tips in Firestorm
Top ten Good Gameplay Tips in Firestorm

Health and Armor

Survival in the firestorm falls far more than achieving the best weapons and gadgets. You will start round with 150 health, and you can potentially add 150 shells too. Collect Healing Syrettes for a Quick Health Promotion and Armor Plates to Refill People.

How Your Soldier Looks

You can take any member of your company to the firestorm, but you can think whether your soldier is worn or not and whether you help in mixing it with the scenery and standing outside like a thumb in your throat is. If you decide more precisely, then change the presence of your soldier before matching in the firestorm.

Loot Rarity

It is important to understand the rarity system in the firestorm. Smash comes in four different rare levels: common (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (gold). Weapons come in the first three rarities, and the higher the rarity, the better the optics. Epic (purple) weapons come with long-term optic options and two high-level specializations.

Finding the Best Loot

Strongboxes are scattered throughout the map, and they loot in different types of rarities. They are orange and have been stamped with the Sulis logo, so spotting is very easy. Find Safes in more high-profile landmark locations. Supply drops are topped down randomly, look for green smoke to easily find them on the ground. Objectives can be easily located on the map.

Study the Map

Try to learn more and more places on the Halvoy map. As soon as the map begins, the fire ring will appear, making some areas of the map inaccessible. Feeling comfortable in almost any area because you know how fast you need to find loot, and the general level of land will definitely give you the upper hand.


Battlefield V includes superb audio features that allow you to customize your own soundtrack. But using a good pair of headphones is very important so that you can hear everything from the tank to the exact location of the enemy, which crawls behind you.


The biggest difference between the firestorm and most battle royal games is the element of destruction. Buildings, walls, and even vehicles can also be knocked or be blown into pieces – players are forced to be very aware of their surroundings and to contact the enemies. Use destruction to take or throw out enemies.

Inventory Management

In the firestorm, you have two inventory slots for primary weapons and a single slot for a sidewalk – which gives you the ability to carry a total of three firearms at a time. Your inventory appears in the bottom right corner of your screen and as soon as you scrape more items, they will expand. You can increase the size of your inventory by finding large backpacks.


Vehicles can definitely turn the tide of fighting, but in the firestorm, they carry a limited amount of fuel, which limits their limits considerably. All players should try to find anti-vehicle weapons such as Panzerfaust, but they are not in a hurry to use them. Spend some time behind them and wait for the right opportunity for the strike.

Don’t Get Caught in the Fire

As soon as you engage in a fire ring, you will begin to suffer loss. Noise and heat distortions will be very difficult to see or hear back in a safe area – you will put a significant loss. There is no way to strategically use the ring of fire, the only thing you can do is try to avoid it as much as possible.

These tips are suggested by top players, you can also find them on Battlefield FAQ website.

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