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Play PUBG Mobile Without VPN – No Lag

This is the Latest trick for countries like India, where PUBG Mobile is Ban! You can Play PUBG Mobile Without using any VPN and with some settings you can get smooth gameplay without any Lag.

Let’s begin this trick and find out how you can play the PUBG Mobile Without VPN. But if you are from India then you must Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India the new PUBG of India.

How to Play PUBG Mobile without VPN?

You just need to follow few very easy steps and you can download and enjoy the PUBG Mobile game without continuous use of VPN. (Same Trick for Mobile and Emulator Players)

Step 1: First download the Latest version of PUBG Mobile. Download Here (PUBGM 1.4 Update)

Step 2: Now download any VPN you want that can connect Singapore region.

Step 3: Now Turn ON the VPN and Open PUBG Mobile and Login to the Game with your Account.

Step 4: Once you are logged in and you see the game Lobby close everything.

Step 5: Now Turn OFF the VPN and Just open PUBG Mobile and Enjoy the PUBG Mobile Without VPN.

How to Play PUBG Mobile without VPN - No Lag, Smooth Gameplay

Note: Depending upon the Players density on your server and your Internet speed the game can lag. If you have the best internet then go for the following settings.

Update PUBG Mobile Without play store:

now dont worry even if the Play Store has removed PUBG Mobile for your region you can download the Updated PUBG Mobile Game without Play Store or any VPN.

Step 1: You just need to bookmark our website and Visit again when PUBG Mobile Update is Released.

Step 2: I will upload the Download Link so you can download the Updated Game.

Step 3: Share the Link with your Friends and Enjoy PUBG Mobile.

You can also download the PUBG Mobile Update from any other source but for that you need to search on Google and then check for the download link.

PUBG Mobile No Lag Settings – Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile:

Do some changes in your PUBG Mobile Game Graphics Settings as shown below and you will experience a smooth gaming experience.

Play Pubg Mobile without using VPN

Note: If you are not using a high-end gaming phone then no setting can make your game so smooth. Check out some Flagship Phones here.

First go to PUBG Mobile Settings >> Graphics>> Combact and do following changes.

Setting 1: Change the Graphics to Smooth

Setting 2: Change Frame Rate to Extreme/Ultra (whatever you see in your Phone)

Setting 3: Change Style to Soft (Colorful/Soft/Realistic style are best)

PUBG Mobile Best Graphics Setting for Smooth gameplay

Setting 4: Turn on the Anti-Aliasing effect to make texture smooth and load fast

Setting 5: Turn on the Auto-Adjust graphics if FPS is fluctuating too much.

On the other side, you can change Brightness according to your comfort I use 119% Brightness and 70% of Mobile Brightness.

Minimum Mobile System Requirement for PUBG Mobile:

As I already said; If you are not using a gaming phone no graphics setting or app can make your game smooth.

I am using Oneplus Nord and I think it’s an OK phone for PUBG Mobile-like games. And all settings given above are working very well with me.

PUBG Mobile Minimum System Requirements:

  • Mobile OS – Android, IOS
  • Version- Android 5.1 or High, IOS 9.0 or Higher
  • Processor – 520 or More
  • Frequency – 2 GHz Min.
  • RAM – Min 4 GB RAM
  • Free Storage for Game – 5 GB Space
  • Internet Speed – 4G speed is better to play on Mobile

To know more about System Requirement for PUBG Mobile Visit Here.