Good News for FF Lovers out there, Now you can Register for FF Advance Server and get the Activation code to play the Upcoming Free Fire Beta version before anybody can play it.

What is FF Advance Server?

FF Advance or Free Fire Advance Server is a beta program by Garena for Free Fire, here players can register and get the activation code so that they can play, inspect and report the bugs in the beta update.

After fixing all necessary bugs in the beta update Garena release the new free fire update for global version and you get some in-game rewards in return.

How to Download FF Advance Server for Free?

The Free Fire Advance Server is free to download for all but there are limited activation codes that you can get.

Follow the steps below and you will get to know how to download FF Advance Server and what that Activate Code is!!

Download FF Advance Server here

Step 1: First Visit the Official FF Advance Website to Register Your Account. (Login With Facebook)

Step 2: Then You need to fill up your Name, Email and Mobile Number and submit.

Free Fire Advance Server Application Form

Step 3: Now you will have to wait for your Account Activation and you will receive one Activation Code

Enter Your Activation code and Start Playing

Step 4: Once you activated your FF Advance Account you can download the FF Advance Game Apk

Application is Pending wait for the Server Launch Date

Step 5: Download the Game and Report all bugs and glitches you face while playing the game.

Get Diamonds Rewards - for Reporting Bugs in FF Advance server

Tip: You can win up to 3000 Free Fire Diamonds Rewards, for Reporting FF Advance Server Bugs. If you want more diamonds in Free Fire check the links below:

How to Get FF Advance Server Account Activation Code?

As you know you have to Pre-Register on the FF Advance server website and wait for the server launch date.

To get your activation code on time just follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the FF Advance Server Website and Apply for the Current Server (Let’s say OB27 started on 1st April 2021)
  • Then Wait for the activation code to receive.
  • If you have one activation code use it on the website by logging in using your Facebook account.
  • Then you will see the download link for the FF Advanced Server Apk
  • Download the Game and Start playing to find Bugs and glitches.

Warning: There are limited number of Activation codes online so if you dont receive any code just dont be sad you can apply next time.

Get 3000 Free Fire Diamonds Rewards from FF Advance Server

Tips to Get Free Fire Activation Code:

Not Guranteed but you can follow these tips to get Activation code and play the FF Advance Server on your Phone.

  • Apply before the Server download date starts
  • Keep track on the Facebook Login button on FF Advance Server website if its gray color the registerations are not open.
  • Play fare game and report geniun bugs to win free Diamonds Reward in your FF Game.