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Best Weapons in Mini Militia – Tips to play

Weapons in Mini Militia:

As I have discussed in the previous article about Game Mode, Maps and Weapons Introduction. Here we will discuss in Detail about Weapons in Mini Militia. And Some Tips to use them in during the match, if you think you have some better tips please write down in the comment.

Types of Weapons in Mini Militia:

For easy to understand lets category these all weapons in 3 categories by their power and range of attack.

  1. Mini Weapons
  2. Mid Weapons
  3. Max Weapons

You will find These types of Weapons in Mini Militia:

  1. The Mini Weapons are: EMP, Flame Thrower, Desert Eagle, Machete, Shotgun, and Magnum
  2. Mid Weapons are UZI, AK47, M4, MP5, and Frag.
  3. The Max Weapons are deadly weapons these are M14, M93BA, Saw Gun, Proxy Mine, Gas Bomb, SMAW, and Laser Gun.

The Mini Weapons are:

The Mini Weapons category is not in Mini Militia but for our convenience to categories the all Weapons in Mini Militia; We are using this category.

  • EMP:- This gun emits Electric bubble and can travel a long distance in the map. The longer you hold the fire button the bigger bubble is. Once the enemy is caught in this bubble he/she cant use boost to fly.
Electric bubble weapon in Mini Militia

EMP in Mini Militia

  • Flamethrower:- This is a Short range gun. Basically useful for close combat when you have to kill multiple players in one time. The fire emitted by this gun can immediately kill the opponent player.
Flame Throwing Gun in Mini Militia

Flame Thrower in Mini Militia

  • Desert Eagle:- This is a pistol gun; you can find in the map. There are two types of these, one is normal silver color and another is golden color with the suppressor. This gun can be used as a double-handed gun to kill an enemy.
Pistol in Mini Militia

Desert Eagle in Mini Militia

  • Magnum:- Magnum is also Double-handed pistol with six round of bullets. Although this gun has only six rounds one shot is enough to kill the enemy in close range fight.
Six Round Pistol in Mini Militia

Magnum in Mini Militia

  • Machete:-This is not a gun but a sword-like weapon. You can use this weapon if you do not find any gun on the map. One hit an enemy is dead with this machete weapon.
Sword in Mini Militia

Machete in Mini Militia

  • Shotgun:- Shotgun as we all know, battle in close and rush can be win by the shotgun. This shotgun spreads the fire and your player can’t run and escape the fire in close combat. You can easily kill your enemy by rushing and surprising him with the shotgun.
Shotgun in Mini Militia

Shotgun in Mini Militia

The Mid Weapons are:

The Similar to  Mini Weapons category Mid Weapons is also not a category in Mini Militia. But for our convenience to categories the all Weapons in Mini Militia; We are using this category.

  • UZI:- This gun is also popular for mid-range Submachine Gun. Uzi can be used as a double-handed gun. Once you start the fire it will damage the opponent with double bullet fire. Generally, UZI holds 40 bullets.
UZI in Mini Militia

UZI in Mini Militia

  • M4:- This is an Assault Rifle Gun with 3 shots in one fire. You can use it with for long range fire. And one shot is also enough to kill the enemy.
M4 Rifle in Mini Militia

M4 Rifle in Mini Militia

  • MP5:- This is like Assault and Submachine gun combo. MP5 can fire continuously 50 rounds and you can kill the enemy with continuous firing and rushing on him.


  • AK47:- This AK47 is an Assault Rifle. In real life, this is a dangerous gun, but in the militia, players prefer double UZI over AK47. AK 47 has slow fire and can’t kill the enemy in one shot.
AK 47 in Mini Militia

AK 47 in Mini Militia

  • Frag:- Frag is a grenade, Throwable weapon. Just unpin and through it to your enemy and they get killed in one Frag.
Grenade in Mini Militia

Frag: Grenade in Mini Militia

The Max Weapons are:

The Similar to Mini Weapons category Max Weapons is also not a category in Mini Militia. But for our convenience to categories the all Weapons in Mini Militia; We are using this category.

  • Laser Gun:- This is also one long range gun. TheLaser gun emits high power laser beam which can kill another player making contact with it.


  • M14:- This is another type of sniper rifle. This Gun can fire single shot per click/fire. Can scope and hit long range but need two shot to kill a player at long distance.
M14 Sniper in Mini Militia

M14 Sniper in Mini Militia

  • Sniper M93BA:-This is one of the dangerous guns in Mini Militia. You can scope the maximum and see the whole map. One shot is enough to kill any enemy from long range just hide and take fire
M93BA Sniper Rifle in Mini Militia

M93BA Sniper Rifle in Mini Militia

  • SMAW:- SMAW is also known as BAZOOKA, a rocket launcher. You can scope at a high level and check where your enemy is settled or coming to. Just fire and boom, one fire contact and enemy killed.
Bazooka in Mini Militia

SMAW Bazooka in Mini Militia

  • Saw Gun:- Saw Gun is also mid to high range and very dangerous gun. Once you fire it in a tunnel area it will go in any way and kill the enemy. The enemy needs very good luck to escape from it as it burst at the end of its firing range.
SAW Gun in Mini Militia

SAW Gun in Mini Militia

  • Proxy Mine:- we can call it a Time bomb or contact bomb. You can just easily plant it anywhere you want if any player comes to near or contact this Mine, boom. Just explode and the enemy gets killed.
Proxy Mine in Mini Militia

Proxy Mine in Mini Militia

  • M7 GAS:- This is a Gas bomb, Dangerous for any player when thrown and explode creates a green smoke. If any player even if you go into the green zone of this bomb gets killed.
Gas Bomb in Mini Militia

Gas Bomb in Mini Militia

Best Weapons Combination in Gameplay:

By using the Combination of Following Weapons in Mini Militia, will let you easily kill your enemy and win the match. There are lots of Weapons in Mini Militia that are really good to take a fight.

  1. Best Non-pro pack combination – AK47 and Shotgun – You get 4x zoom with Ak47
    and that one shot killing power with Shotgun.
  2. Best Defensive Combination – Shield and Uzi – But remember shield can’t protect your doodle with the bazooka and Flame Thrower. And it won’t keep you safe in the back. Make sure you point your aim towards the opponent while holding the shield. Fly straight. Try not to rotate yourself.
  3. Best long-Ranged combination – Sniper and rock launcher – I had a hard time with a rocket launcher. Always end up killing myself.
  4. Best Short Ranged combination – SMG and shotgun
  5. Best all around combination – Sniper and Shotgun

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