PUBG Mobile Season 7 Leaks – New Skins, Royal Pass Rewards and Much More

PUBG Mobile Season 7

When PUBG Mobile Season 7 is Coming:

Hello Players, Welcome – I hope you might have read this article: PUBG Mobile Update 12.0.5 Spoiler. As I mention what is expected to be there in the next update. Here we are going to discuss PUBG Mobile Season 7 Skins, Theme, and RP Leaks.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 and Update v 12.0.5 is expected to launch from 17 May to 19 May 2019 For More you can Check PUBG official News.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 was really fun with lots of Skins, events, and as always ‘bugs’. Let us hope some new bugs and skins in the new Season 7. It is expected to have a WARFARE Theme in this season.

Warfare theme, costumes, emotes and Gun Skins are seen in this leak. Here is a video by Mr. Ghost Gaming you can see the PUBG Season 7 Leaks.

Thanks to the bunch of YouTubers we have in the gaming industry. They help us a lot to explain our content in the mean of Videos. Thanks to you all readers who give us the courage to write on such topics.

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What to expect in PUBG Mobile Season 7:

The Season 7 is Warfare hence some Guns Skins are leaked like – Doped AKM, Doped KAR 98. A New Skin for M146 along with War Costume.

pubg season 7 leaks Pro

The Airplane Trail with color for High RP Players, A High RP Reward in form of Parachute Trail while Landing.

Real Chicken Dinner for Winner – to celebrate “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in last 30 sec.

Two outfits when you reach Royale Pass level 100- Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad.

A new Challenge type in RP Named as – RP EZ Mission License.

RP Ranking Series is going to start like TOP RP holders and their Ranking will be shown in Game.

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