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Top 10 Secret Location of Excavate for Level 3 loot in PUBG Mobile

Secret Location of Excavate:

Let’s see some Places in PUBG Mobile where you can find the Secret location of Excavate like the tree was in PUBG Mobile. Before this you might have seen a tree and after watering that tree you collected the loot. Similarly, this time PUBG Mobile has kept the concept same but changed the item to excavate.

There are lots of location of Excavate in PUBG mobile where you can find level 3 loot. This excavate is similar to the nest of Falcon bird where you were able to hatch the bird eggs. Just visit these top 10 places of the secret location of excavate and collect your loot.

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Top 10 Secret Location of Excavate:

All these top 10 Locations of Excavate will give loot for your whole squad. This loot will be very epic like any airdrop. Check out what you can get in this loot.

  • Level 3 Vest and Helmet
  • Level 2 Helmet and Vest
  • Level 2 or 3 Bag pack
  • Grenade
  • Flare Gun

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If you know any extra location, please let us know in the comment box.

#1 Secret Location of Excavate:

This location is near Novo in Erangel Map. The Hill point near Novo where you might have seen the Falcon nest. Just go to the hill and look below the tower you will see this Excavate and when you click to excavate then you will get the loot.

First Secret Location for Excavate

Location 1

#2 Secret Location:

The Second Secret Location for Excavate is in the Ruins. If you go to the cave with tall walls near water in Ruins Erangel, then you will find this location. You need to go inside and then you will find this Excavate Location. Click on the Excavate button and collect your loot.

Second Secret Location for Excavate

Second Secret Location

#3 Secret Location of Excavate:

The third location of Excavate is on the hill near Rozok city. This hill is actually in between School and Rozok in Erangel Map. If you check out this hill, then you will find the Excavate under a tower where you can Excavate and collect your loot.

Location 3

Location 3

#4 Secret Location:

The Next 4th secret location of Excavate is in the Prison Erangle Map. Just go near Pink House and check out near the small wooden tower you will find this Excavate. This location is very easy to find like Rozok so be aware if another squad might be camping there. Then you can collect on the excavate and collect your loot.

Location 4

Location 4

#5 Secret Location:

The fifth Secret Location for Excavate is in Mylta Power. If you have visited Mylta Power, then you might have seen two huge cement exhaust Towers. This Excavate is under one of them below a tree. If you check in there, then you will get the location. Just find it and collect your loot.

Location 5

Location 5

#6 Secret location:

The 6th Secret Location of Excavate is on a small island near Ferry Pier. Check out the image below and visit this island. I would say this is a quite safe place to loot this excavate easily. Many times this island will be in the safe zone. Just visit this place and excavate to collect your loot.

Location 6

Location 6

#7 Secret Location:

The Secret Location number 7 for Excavate is in the Stalber Erangel Map. Visit the open wall building like ruins in Stalber and at the exact center of that, you will see the location. Go and Excavate to collect your loot.

Location 7

Location 7

#8 Secret Location of Excavate:

The 8th secret location of excavate location is near the Tunnel of Shooting Range in Erangel Map. This location is near a tree at the entrance of the tunnel point. Just find excavate and collect your loot.

Location 8

Location 8

#9 Secret Location:

Location number 9 is near a Crashed Plane in Erangel near Shooting Range. If you know the location of the Crashed Plane, then it’s good if not then look into the map and zoom near Shooting Range you will find a plane Mark. Go Excavate and Collect your loot.

Location 9

Location 9

#Final Secret Location for Excavate:

This Final location is in Vikendi Map of PUBG Mobile. If you play the VIkendi map then you will find this location in Cosmodrome below the rocket launcher. So go and excavate and collect your loot.

Location 10

Location 10

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