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Top 10 Tips Why PUBG Emulator Player Should Play PUBG Lite?

Why Play PUBG Lite?

If you are a PUBG Mobile Emulator Player and bored with Game lag and Emulator crash, then I will suggest you play PUBG Lite. PUBG Lite is a Light version of PUBG PC Game and is now available in the majority of continents.

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Now there are several advantages and very few disadvantages of PUBG Lite over PUBG Mobile on PC or Emulator. You cannot fix the PUBG Emulator Lag with 100% guarantee.

But when you try PUBG PC Lite or PUBG Lite whatever you call it, then you will find that your game will not lag by 1% also. No need of extra software or boosters for Playing PUBG Lite on your PC.

Why Play PUBG Lite and not PUBG Mobile on PC?

Here I will share you some major points after that you can decide which game to play either PUBG Lite or PUBG Mobile Emulator.

Game Play PUBG Lite Vs PUBG Mobile Emulator

PUBG Lite Vs PUBG Mobile Emulator

Advantages of PUBG Lite over PUBG Mobile Emulator:

  • PUBG Lite Does not lag
  • Low Competition in PUBG Lite
  • You can purchase items with Bonus Points BP
  • Exclusive Skins and Outfits in Daily Login
  • No VPN for Crate Opening
  • Game is in Development – lot more skins and tricks to come
  • Game Graphics is Awesome
  • Made for PC no Emulator Needed
  • You can Play PUBG Lite and Record without lag
  • You can also Live stream using Windows Xbox Recorder

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The Disadvantage of PUBG Lite over PUBG Mobile Emulator:

  • Can’t play with PUBG Mobile Players (PUBG Mobile Emulator Players)
  • No Global Server (Limited Country Servers are divided)
  • Gameplay and Key mapping is Different (May feel Difficult in Starting)
  • Friendly fire and Vehicle can knock your teammate.

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Let’s Discuss all Advantage and Disadvantages of PUBG Lite over PUBG Mobile Emulator. And then you can decide whether to play PUBG Lite or not.

PUBG Lite does not Lag:

PUBG Lite is a Light version and is hosted in Local servers, for example for United States server is different, for Indonesia Server is different and for India server is different. You can check your server and play.

If your region does not have PUBG lite server then you can wait till it launches, or Use VPN for Playing. PUBG Corp. is working hard on launching their PUBG Lite servers everywhere.

Low Competition:

As PUBG Lite is an emerging game of PUBG there are very few player’s who have pushed their rank by playing PUBG Lite game. And when you start you can play PUBG Lite and get easy kills. Here if you want to start your PUBG Live Streaming then PUBG lite is a very good option.

On YouTube, if you search then you will find very few players stream PUBG lite and if you play good enough and can talk good then your stream will go viral soon.

Purchased Items with BP:

Yes, here in PUBG lite very epic and cool skins and outfits are available in the shop which you can buy using your Bonus points which can be earned by playing the game. The more you play the more you earn BP.

PUBG Lite BP Shop

PUBG Lite BP Shop

Now no need to wait for Give-Away and free tricks to earn free UC. Just play PUBG lite Regularly and earn BP then purchase items from the shop.

Skins and Outfits in Daily Login:

I regret that I missed one-week login due to some problems. But now I am using this trick and daily I open PUBG Lite game and then claim the daily login in PUBG Lite rewards. I have claimed Emotes, AR Skins, Outfits and much more to come.

PUBG Lite Daily Login

PUBG Lite Daily Login Rewards

You can check the image below for daily login rewards, and see what PUBG Lite is offering and as you know what PUBG Mobile is offering to you now.

No VPN for Crate opening:

As of now by reading this article till this point you might have guessed that PUBG Lite is an emerging game and not much players have started playing this game yet.

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So that’s why PUBG is offering some free items and very attractive outfits in crates while in PUBG Mobile you need to find our VPN and then open the crate and curse your luck.

So don’t miss this opportunity and start playing PUBG lite today and also Start streaming on all social media channels and grow your community.

Game Under Development:

PUBG Lite does not have everything that other versions of PUBG have, because this game is developing and growing. Because of this if you play PUBG Lite then you have more chances to push your rank.

That’s not yet if you get used to PUBG Lite gameplay and you start streaming you can compete with PUBG Mobile YouTubers in future.

Game Graphic is Awesome:

PUBG Lite Graphics is A1 what we call it Awesome. If you use the emulator and you are playing on Smooth settings, then there is no funnier thing I can imagine. You just suck having your PC in your hand.

Sorry for that but I also use to play PUBG Mobile Emulator and later I tried to Play PUBG Lite and analyzed that I can play not only better but on Awesome Graphics. Then I started playing PUBG Lite.

Made for PC:

This PUBG Lite game is already a light version of PUBG PC game so it is made for PC already. You do not have to use any kind of extra Software or OS for playing PUBG Lite which makes your system use its power for PUBG lite only.

Play – Record and Live Stream:

If you play PUBG Lite game and want to record the game then you can use the default Xbox gaming recorder in windows. I use windows 10 OS and whenever I open PUBG Lite it shows me you can Record and Live Stream form your PC.

You can try this find how to live stream on Google and use this trick or I will bring a new article for you please let me know in the comment box for this.

Windows 10 Game-bar Recording

Windows 10 Game-bar Recording

You can use “Windows+G” key to open the Xbox game helper which can record your game during your play.

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