Unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes Free:

You might have seen lots of tricks in PUBG Mobile now its time for a new trick to unlock pubg mobile emotes free. This trick is 100% working for Season 9 and PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.5, if you do not find this trick useful then you might be late to use this trick.

There are 3 tracks; 2 of them are for free Royale Pass users and one is for paid Royale Pass users. Where for Free Royale Pass Users means those who did not buy the Royale Pass can unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes for Free. And those who have to buy this Royale Pass can use all 3 tricks to unlock pubg mobile emotes free.


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Tricks to Unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes Free:

Trick 1: to unlock emotes

While you play you might have seen the treasure/surprise box in RP Mission section. This box is unlocked when you complete 10 Missions. So in week number 2 and week number 6, you have a chance to unlock emotes with this surprise box.

Earlier in the previous season, PUBG Mobile used to give only some Royale Pass Points in this Box. But from Season 8 PUBG Mobile is giving some Emotes with 200 RP Points and some Skins also. I hope you know how to unlock the surprise box to unlock pubg mobile emotes free.

Trick 1 to Unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes Free
Trick 1 to Unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes Free

Trick 2: to unlock emotes

In PUBG Mobile New Update v 0.13.5 the shop items and designed also changed. This Shop now has some different items. Different items mean you can also buy emote by using some silver coins. There is one emote you might have missed; this is a dance emote. You can purchase this with some 1100 Silver Fragments.

Trick 2 to Unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes Free
Trick 2 to Unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes Free

If you are not having that much of Silver Fragments, then don’t worry I have some more advice. Just go to Inventory and Dismantle all un-necessary items and get some Free Silver Fragments. Still you are out of some Silver Fragments to go for this another trick, and Still, you can unlock pubg mobile emotes free.

Get Free Silver Fragments
Get Free Silver Fragments

Go to the SHOP then go to BP Shop, now you will see one Silver Fragment symbol. This means you can buy silver Fragments (anybody can buy) in exchange for Bonus Points. If you have lots of BP in your account, then you can exchange your BP with Silver Frags at the rate of 200 BP= 1 Silver Frag by this you can exchange up to 25 silver frags daily.

Trick 3: to unlock emotes

Please note as I mentioned already this trick number 3 is only for paid users that is for Royale Pass Users only. If you are not a Royale pass user, then you cannot unlock pubg mobile emotes free by using this third trick.

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Just go to RP in your PUBG Mobile Game, then go to Redeem option which is next to Mission tab. There you will find one box at the right bottom with name Ocean Treasure; Click on that box.

Trick 3 for Free Emotes in PUBG
Trick 3 for Free Emotes in PUBG

Now if you are a Royale Pass holder then you can purchase any Emote using BP Points. As I told before you can use this third trick to unlock PUBG Mobile Emotes free if you are a Royale Pass holder. There are some Emotes from Season 2 for 40k BP Points and some emote from season 3 also.


If you like this trick, then please let us know in the comment box and if you need some more help you can comment below or contact us.

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